Michigan Flowers: Incognito On Campus


British Soldier Flowers, Found Native In Michigan
“winter | Photo Nature Blog | Page 2.” Photo Nature Blog | Nature and Outdoor Photography by Jeffrey Foltice. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 June 2013.

On a search to answer last week’s question of why there aren’t any native flowers planted on campus, I went on a search to find Ms. Holly, the person in charge with planting flowers at WCC. I was unable to find Holly through out the week, and the question is still running through my mind. Wouldn’t the native flowers be easier to manage on compared to the planted ones, since the environment here is where they naturally thrive? Continue reading


Where’s an Amphibian When You Need Em’?

On a very warm afternoon, three environmental science students placed a long, flat, piece of plywood in front of one of WCC’s ponds in the woods, near the LA building. These three students were on an exciting quest to discover and find salamanders, newts, frogs, and other types of amphibians. But, every great scientist gets their moment of trial and error. We sure got ours! Continue reading

Down and Away..But Where?


The Ann Arbor Wastewater Treatment Plant
Photo Credit: A2gov.org

You just finished using the bathroom and you flush the toilet. Do you ever wonder where it all goes? Where does the water supply come from? Ever get lucky enough to get on campus first thing in the morning and get hit with the oh so terrible smell of something you wish you hadn’t? Do our bathrooms on campus have any connection to the horrible smell? Continue reading

Trees Just Eat Carbon, Right?


The ginkgo tree (photo credit to sciencedaily.com) is just one of the many tree species you will find on campus

We all know how many trees are on Washtenaw Community College’s campus. Maybe not the exact number, but we know it is somewhere in the billions or so (Not really, just sarcasm). But why is Washtenaw’s campus a home to so many trees? I mean, they’re just big old carbon eaters, right? Not like they’re good for anything else.

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I’d Tap That

What would you do with $100 billion dollars? No seriously, what would you do? I’m willing to bet that your immediate answer wasn’t “buy bottled water”, but surprisingly enough bottled water sales generate somewhere between $50 to $100 billion in sales each year. Not to mention that the industry is experiencing an annual growth rate of over 7%. But why? What’s the big deal? Why are we dishing out so much money just to buy our own natural resources? Continue reading

Diverse WCC tree Species Unleashed


These leaves were all found on WCC campus.
Photo Credit: Rachel Barbu

I never walked around campus and really appreciated the many different tree’s surrounding me each day. I always just noticed the basics; some tree’s are taller, some are shorter. Some tree’s have green leaves, some have burgundy. I once only noticed the difference between the tree’s with normal leaves and the tree’s with pine needles.You would think that all the tree’s with green leaves are the same when in fact, they sure are not.

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