The Wonders of the ‘Shroom!

There are all sorts of wonders about fungus. One may assume, however, that mushrooms are all good. The truth is that not all mushrooms are good. Even more importantly, most mushrooms will kill you, not get you high.

This mushroom from campus was found to be highly toxic and deadly.

This mushroom from campus was found to be highly toxic and deadly.

There are all sorts of mushrooms on campus, from a few edible types, to even hallucinogenic and highly toxic mushrooms. In a day of field observations, a partner and I had found 21 types of mushrooms, most of which were toxic and poisonous. We collected specimens and took many field notes on the specimens.

Now, don’t get me wrong, mushrooms, the edible ones at least, are perfectly fine. However, there are still problems even with edible mushrooms. Poisonous mushrooms are sometimes mistaken as edible mushrooms and can lead to ingestion of a very deadly mushroom. The growth of these poisonous look-alikes is very common, even on our college campus in Michigan.

In our lovely state of Michigan, we get many rain showers periodically. This moisture helps fungus spores to root into the ground, and then the intense heat and humidity help them to flourish and grow rapidly. With these conditions, mushrooms spread like wild fires and they appear everywhere. With these mushrooms so abundant on campus, it’s a miracle that no one has gotten hurt from ingestion of any of the fungus. With so many of our mushrooms having been poisonous and not hallucinogenic, we were very suprised. However, we found most were deadly by prolonged exposure.

The conditions for mushrooms to grow are spoken of here . This university speaks of all the conditions that mushrooms and fungus require to grow, from growth phases to environmental requirements. With mushrooms being such a rapid growing thing, and that they appear in almost any moist and wet area in the blink of an eye, it’s no wonder why mushrooms are so bountiful on our lovely campus, but also remarkable that they appear all over the area.


13 thoughts on “The Wonders of the ‘Shroom!

  1. So, your telling me that if I eat a tasty looking ‘shroom off the ground. I could drop down and die. Well that’s a dramatic way to put ,”don’t eat things off the ground.”

    • Since there is not a “sure fire” way to determine which are deadly and which are safe, I advice that you don’t eat random mushrooms around the campus grounds. Just for safety, I advice against all wild mushroom consumption unless you are 100% sure that they are safe to eat.

  2. Do you think that by taking out the mushrooms off the ground on Campus would actually make our Campus, a more safety environment for everybody else? Or by taking all of the mushrooms off the ground wouldn’t make a difference?

    • I was wondering the same thing. If we have such dangerous mushrooms on campus wouldn’t it be better to rid of them, creating a more safer environment for us and any other kind of specie. Maybe this would be something to talk to the head of the school about?

      • Even though most mushrooms are bad and can be deadly, they are essential to the chain of life, in which they recycle plant and biological matter. They can even pull in heavy metals and other toxic minerals.

  3. I really liked how you have the link on there. You really wouldn’t of thought if was a link to another web page if it wasn’t highlighted. I need that in my blog!!

    • Thank you. I thought it would have been ideal to use a university to link out to. Also, they have a strong and reliable source for mycology information, so it was the best plan to go with.

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