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Credit: Washtenaw Community College Facilities Management Page

As a student of WCC during spring semester, one thing that is prevalent on campus is the flowers. I’ve always noticed the flowers and admired them as I walked from class to class, but I never have taken the time to observe them in any way other than exclaiming, “Aw, these flowers are so pretty!”.  After choosing the topic of flowers, initially I wasn’t sure on what to write about besides the flower’s visual beauty. After some thought I noticed how much variation the flowers on campus have from one another and I started to ask myself, “What kind of flowers are these?”, “Which (if any) of these flowers are native to Michigan?”, and “How did these flowers get here?”.  

My partner and I decided to do some investigation on these questions, which consisted of online research and some walking around on campus, and we noticed some definite differences between the flowers in each location. First off, we discovered that there are a whopping 15,000 annual flowers planted around WCC. We also found out that the most common types consist of Ageratum, Begonia, Impatiens, Lantana, Geranium, Petunia, Coleus, Marigold, Verbena, and Zinnia, none of which are actually native to our state. In addition to these annuals, we learned over 50,000 tulips are planted around campus as well, which are again not native to the area.

Why is it that none of our states beautiful native flowers, such as the Cardinal flower or the Geranium, are not used to decorate our campus? This is a question that I will be on a mission to find the answer to for sure.


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  1. WCC’s campus flowers are so striking. 15,000 flowers is an amazing figure, I’m glad you cited it.

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