H2O–The Swim

Water, a liquid that cannot be traded for anything in this world. Water, water is what’s located on campus grounds in many locations. The water located on campus came from the Huron River Watershed Basin. It’s water that is in the ponds scattered throughout campus. Most residents of the Washtenaw County area use it as water for these purposes: tap, drinking, swimming, and showering in. The water in the Huron, is water that goes into our drinking fountains on campus. It’s water that is used for a variety of purposes, that ultimately will affect us the people, and the wildlife around us. We are the stakeholders. How does this affect you?

WCC Campus GMB south entrance pond--Photo Credit: Debora Sanda

WCC Campus GMB south entrance pond–Photo Credit: Debora Sanda

I personally am a consumer, and local resident of the Huron River Basin. I along with my family have always used the water provided by the Ann Arbor water system, that is water from the Huron, for the last 20 years as a source of drinking water. I as a consumer, have strongly favored visiting, and drinking the water from the Huron River, and will continue to do so. I have not only drank and swam in it, but I have also gone fishing as a kid, and grew up spending our afternoons taking a walk or going finishing along the Huron. It has helped me learn so much more about water. If you do choose to visit the Huron, Gallup park would be a nice place to start, and even going on a canoe trip with your family or friends, would be so worthwhile. I just recently went canoeing on the Huron at Gallup park, and the water was beautiful, and surprisingly very clean when you look into it because of all the recent rainfall, but because it has rained so much, there can be hazardous bacteria in the water. The Huron river is a great place to go running, and get in shape, or just take a walk along side the water, not only because of the beautiful scenic, but also because of the quality of the water. The water is so clean in many areas of the Huron, which accounts for the healthy biotic organisms living in the water, and the surrounding areas. If your going to visit the Huron, you won’t regret also visiting the ponds on WCC Campus.

When we think of water, many times we don’t realize that water is more than a substance used to support life on earth but we need to go more in depth and than we can realize how important water is to us as humans and also other organisms living in and around the surrounding areas. So get out, and explore your community, check out the Huron River and the surrounding ponds in your local area and on the WCC campus. Get involved, and you will see that your perspective on nature and the outdoors will change whether or not you enjoy it now.

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3 thoughts on “H2O–The Swim

  1. I’ve always loved the beauty of the Huron River, but your blog has helped to respect and appreciate it more.

  2. Your post does a nice job evoking the beauty of the river. But I have to admit something: I may have done something foolish last week on our trip to the river when I rolled and put my head in the water. The river is clean throughout so much of its length — but apparently Gallup is maybe the only place we shouldn’t get too close.

    The Huron River Watershed Council has some interesting data on bacteria levels after rainstorms — especially in Gallup Pond. http://www.hrwc.org/the-watershed/threats/bacteria/why-matter/

    • Thank you, and yes I agree. Just before visiting Gallup Park for the Canoe trip, I was told that because of recent rain, that there would be high levels of bacteria in the water.

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