Worms with Words

Each poem talks about how worms can destroy the forests. Despite being short or goofy they all make the point that worms, even though small, can have a huge impact. These poems also say our own role on this cycle and how we counter what the worms do. Worms, even the smallest ones, make a huge difference in our ecosystem.

The Worm Fight
by Ra’Dan Bacon

They invade forests

We help farmlands

They infest the duff-layer

We help decay dead plants and animals

They wreak  the natural recycling process

We recycle nutrients

they cause deforestation

we live in the regolith

They destroy

We help

Further down the rabbit hole……. Or worm hole
by Jeffrey Foley May

Worms eat soil and can ruin the duff layer
So small yet a mighty tree slayer
Worms can play a huge role
For something that makes such a tiny hole
Worms eat fungi and roots
The destruction of the forest follows suit
Unlucky worms that grow can follow fate
   And wind up to be bass bait

Journey Life of a Deadly Creature: Nightcrawler (Haikus)
by Josh Rim

To a great, large size,
up to fourteen inches for
incredible shape.

Dark red and brown with
tiny setaes to roam through
locations it’s at.

rising from deep down,
six-point-five feet underground,
to reach the surface.

The nightcrawler is
a hunter on the surface
for what it consumes.

Trying to collect
bacteria and fungi to
keep and devour.

Causing great impact
with deforestation and
possibly strong harm.

Can be found in, but
harmful to, the duff layers,
acting as some beast.

A nightcrawler is
a hideous, monstrous
creature for this world.

The deadly nightcrawler
is what wanders and brings great
damage around us.


10 thoughts on “Worms with Words

  1. The Worm fight a poem discussing the cons and pros of worms in our ecosystem. Realizing worms help plants get nutrients by aerating the soil, they also help break down dead plants and animal to convert them into the soil. Some worms aren’t always good though. I tried to show that in the poem by showing both sides (the good and the bad) of worms.

    • I love how you shifted voices in your poem- it helped me “hear” the accusations against worms and the worms’ compassionate rebuttals.

  2. Wow! I love these poems! I like that they follow different formats- Bacon, you do a great job with this kind of “call and response” format, Jeffrey,you are a master of rhyme! Josh, I like your linked haikus- Great job. . .

  3. Bacon I like how you set your poem up. On one side of your poem you talk about how harmful worms are to the forest. And on the other side you tell about how worms are good for farmlands this teaches people that don’t have prior knowledge about worms.

  4. Jeffery, I liked how you kept the rhythm in your poem while preserving its scientific facts.

  5. Dear Josh Rim, you poem titled “Journey Life of a Deadly Creature: Nightcrawler” was a beautifully simple explanation to describe the basics of a nightcrawler. It was very helpful for it reminded me of what I learned about nightcrawlers, and was great review. I really enjoyed the imagery you created with your use of words! Although, I do think it would be a more effective poem if you changed some words, and opened up your vocabulary a little. Overall, the poem made a lot of sense, and really helped me, as a reader, understand the importance of how worms are “wander[ing] and bring[ing] great damage around us.” Keep writing!

  6. Jeff, I think it was great how you kept a balanced, rhythmic flow and you also used the terms in a way where they all connected. We can use your fifth and sixth lines as an example. “Worms eat fungi and roots, the destruction of the forest follows suit”. There was an apparent chronological pattern that showed up here and in multiple other places around the poem. This was an awesome poem and the others were great as well! Great job to everyone!

  7. Bacon, I really liked the call and response poem that you made. It was different than everyone else’s poems. The terms that you used were all connected somehow. This was a really good poem. Good job to everyone else too.

  8. Bacon, I love how you formed your poem. It truly looked like they were fighting. It’s very creative.

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