Have you seen BAMONA?

My group is participating in the Butterflies and Moths of North America project otherwise known as BAMONA. BAMONA was created by Kelly Lotts and Thomas Naberhaus to help scientist and nature observers track where these butterflies and moths are migrating to. So far scientist have noticed that butterflies are migrating to different places due to climate change. They’ve also noticed that the butterflies are emerging earlier in the year and that there has been a pollination decrease. In order to help these scientists, BAMONA has set up a website where people submit photos of butterflies and moths observed in their area this will help them track down and monitor the butterflies and moths.


This a butterfly that I saw in the Pinewood Forest. This was the only butterfly I could take a picture of and the quality of the picture is poor.


Over the past three days my group has gone outside to look for butterflies and moths. The first day we went outside we were unable to continue our observations due to weather because it rained. So the next day we went outside to continue our observations hoping to find butterflies and moths. We started in front of the student center around the landscaping then to the LA Building. We noticed that there wasn’t any butterflies or moths around. My and I came up with the assumption that the reason that we didn’t find any butterflies or moths was because the flowers around the landscape weren’t wildflowers. “The greatest threat to butterflies are habitat changes and loss due to residential, commercial and agricultural development. Climate change is also threatening species of butterfly,” by Defenders of Wildlife. Next we moved to the Pinewoods only to find nothing. But I noticed that it was quite windy and although the temperature was in the seventies that week the wind chill was high. Although another group of my peers went into the Pinewoods after my group left and found butterflies that were perched on leaves and the ground.


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