Where O’ where can they be?

You wouldn’t think ladybugs to be hard to find right?

It seems like they are everywhere every time you go outside. Did you know that isn’t the entire case? It turns out that ladybugs are becoming harder and harder to find. Here is why.

When the cold winter is over and the ladybugs come back out, (which is around the middle of spring early summer time) they are a bit slow. For them to really get moving and start making a nest it takes a few days to fully wake up. Once they are awake and capable of full functions they start to make nests, mates, and (once summer is over again) get ready for winter.

From that you wouldn’t think that the ladybugs are becoming harder to find right?

You would be more wrong than you think.

Keep in mind that there are ladybugs we knew that were going to be hard to find, but when you can’t find a single species of ladybug then that calls for concern. What is causing this? For some reason that scientists can’t figure out the ladybug population is dropping with what looks to be no turn around point. Even they are having their fair share of troubles trying to fix this problem.

Why is that all the ladybug species seem to be leaving or are straight up gone?

My team and I asked the same questions and headed out to find some ladybugs. Much to our surprise we found none. Not a single one. We were completely baffled by this. How often we saw ladybugs in our childhoods and yet it seems they had all vanished.

My team has chosen to  follow through with this project and try to find out a few things.

1) What is causing this?

2) Is this going to keep happening till all the ladybugs are gone?

3) Is there anything we (as a community) can do to help this from happening?

We plan to find all we can and help to find the lost ladybugs.