Who Cares About Rain?

Some people like the rain and some don’t. Back in the days you have to know what the conditions of storms are to know if its going to rain or not. But now all you have to do is look online or the wheatear channel. But do you know the conditions for a good rain storm or even how much it rains where you live?


Amount of rain that fell on 6/17/2014 by the WCC Greenhouse

There are many different things that factor into the making of a storm like the temperature, humidity, and the air pressure. There is an organization called CoCoRaHS (Community Collaboration Rain, Hail & Snow Network) that has regular citizens like me and you that measure the amount of precipitation all around the country.

CoCoRaHS is a citizen science project that collects precipitation levels from all around the country for rain, hail, and snow. It started in Colorado Climate Center in Colorado State University in 1998. Anyone in the US of all ages can participate in this project. The participants must measure each rain, hail, and snow storm with a simple 4″ rain gauge and measure the amount of rain fall everyday at about the same time, and finally post it to the CoCoRaHS website for the rest of the country to see.

So far I have measured three rain storms and found a pattern in every storm. In all three days the temperature was from 75*-90*. There was also low pressure for all of the storms and the humidity was pretty high the next day because of all of the rain that fell and the rain that is evaporating is making the atmosphere very moist. The first day it rained 1.05 inches and the humidity was very high the next day because it rained so much. The next day it didn’t rain as much but the humidity was still high. So I concluded that when the air pressure in low and the temperature is a little up, there is a good chance for a storm and the next day will be very humid. So do you still like the rain?