Back to the Squirrel Business

South side of WCC's campus, the pinewoods

South side of WCC’s campus, the Pinewoods

Right when the squirrels thought they’ve seen the last of us, they were wrong. A group of friends and I went out one more time looking for squirrels. With a bit more information we thought we would be more successful.

To recap from my last blog, Project Squirrel is a citizen science project that wanted people from all around to find squirrels so we could learn how our local environment has been changing. My group members, Emma and Hezekiah, and I looked around WCC’s campus for squirrels. We weren’t as successful as we thought we would be, but we did find a few.

On June 24 we sat back out in the Pinewoods of Washtenaw Community College’s campus to continue our squirrel hunting. With more patience and more knowledge we sat outside for about thirty minutes in the muddy and damp woods. Just earlier that day it had rained. It was hard, but we didn’t make a sound, we just sat and waited. There were a few bird noises, spiders minding their business, and then there was us. After those thirty minutes we decided to head back to the classroom and look over our notes.

Thanks to a Squirrel Place Facts, we learned new information. Squirrels like to appear twice a day. These times are around early morning and late afternoons. With this information I decided to broaden my horizon and not only look for squirrels at school but also at home. Around five o’clock p.m. I got home and stayed outside for another thirty minutes. I felt like I had wasted my time because I did not see not one squirrel or any signs of squirrels. But after some thought,  I did not waste my time, I learned something new.

Based on prior knowledge, I already knew that squirrels liked old trees. My neighborhood is a place with barely any trees or woods. The trees that are there have been recently planted. Then I had another thought, that day was a very rainy day and from the information I read on National Geographic squirrels do appear when it rains, but not as much and not when it is heavy rain fall. I’ve decided to continue Project Squirrel on my own and look for squirrels at the time of day they are most likely to come out.