Mystery of the Stripped Trees

Sitting outside for half an hour once a week can do interesting things to a person. It’s more than bug bites and getting your pants dirty. You have time to sit and look at the natural world indifferent perspectives. I’ve found that blocking out all other distractions help you see things you would’ve never paid much attention to.

Tree from the WCC Hardwoods

Tree from the WCC Hardwoods

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Fallen Watcher of the Woods

Scanning across the green surface of the back pond through the gap between the overhanging branches,my train of sight stops at the once top of an old oak tree that now lay in the pond. All of its branches having rotted away a long time ago. All that remains is the decomposing trunk of the once ancient tree that towered above the old woods.


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In Memory of The Fallen Tree


A fallen tree, one of many on the WCC Campus

It’s splinters spot out across the ground, it’s sap drips from it’s limbs. This murder scene is dark, and gory. The victim did not go down without a fight, and sure as heck didn’t go down quietly. On it’s way down, it reached out for those around it, crashing though and ripping down some with along with itself. The murder was slow and painful, the victim couldn’t do anything to stop it either. Continue reading

BUZZ!!!! I hate those bees.. no wait I love those bees!!

 By; Caleigh Barnaby

Do you hate bees?  I did until now, once when I was a little girl I sat on my neighbor’s swing set and a bunch of bees stung my legs, feet, and hands. I hated those bees until, one day, I went to my sit spot. I go there every Friday for my science class. When I was at my sit spot on the campus of Washtenaw Community College, a bee flew right past my ear.  I then started getting upset which made me realize how completely irrational I was being because it’s just a bee and without the bees I would not be here and neither would you.

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The Unknown Achievements of Ants

During science class we had to find a random spot in which to sit for 30 minutes while taking notes about you surroundings. It was at my sit spot that I found a bunch of annoying ants trying to scavenge for food. I didn’t think much of them.  I started to wonder, what have ants actually accomplished in their lives. When I looked it up I was surprised.


Black ants

( These are black ants moving in and out of where they live.

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Those Little Pesky Monsters

If you felt something odd brush against your leg what would your first reaction be? Ignore it or smack it? Sometimes your first reaction is to smack it, but that might not be the best reaction. Identifying the culprit could be a good first step. If you identify it as a mosquito, I would smack it. I’m not a big fan of mosquitoes they make me itch and can carry diseases, such as West Nile in this area and other dangerous diseases throughout the world.


This is a drawing of a mosquito that I found on Google Images, and it led to this source


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A Leafy Green Wonder

It’s sprinkling above my head, as I walk through the woods on Washtenaw Community College’s campus. I feel the small, wet raindrops land on my head, face, and arms. I sit down on a leafy spot of the forest floor, and survey my surroundings. I notice a large pond. It shines in the middle of the forest and I get up and walk towards it. Once I meet the edge of the pond, I bend down and study it more. Beautiful brown ducks swim and quack around joyfully in the water, sending ripples throughout the pond. While studying the ducks, I notice a tiny green leaf float by. Then another, and another. Where were they coming from? Continue reading