At the beginning of the semester in our science class, we constructed Ecosystem Towers. As they aged, some began to thrive and others began to fail. Ours failed, and all the organisms it was trying to support died with it.

These poems show the struggle it faced. Some poems were more hopeful than the other poems, with a thank you letter for its efforts, and an apology for the feeling of responsibility for the struggle.


By LeeAnn Tincher

I am open

yet closed

radiant energy comes in

heat goes out

matter to matter


nutrients flow


Matter comes in

Matter goes out

I am abiotic

yet biotic

All my parts

part alive

part dead

it’s hard to live

I am open

yet closed



By Jacob Horste

I gave you water.

Yet with each stage,

because of my neglect and inadequate measures,

Because of your lack of producing characteristics,

I failed in your construction,

in bringing you into existence.

This water,

this life giving force became a poison.

Slowly becoming more and more toxic,

Through each level it passed.

The percolation of hope,

Hope that one day you would flourish.

Yet this hope became a venom,

a venom bringing death to each level of your being.

Slowly, painfully.

I tried to save what I could,

Alas! My attempts were nothing.

In the end, there was nothing that could be done.

What have I done? I have destroyed,

destroyed every aspect of what you once were.

Now, you are a grave.

An Eco-grave, housing nothing.

Nothing but the decomposition of everything

that you once were,

Everything we had hoped for you to be.


Thank You Tower

By Anders Smith

Thank you


for the fight you put up

even after all hope died,

you did not.

The system stopped,

and did not support.

The energy ran out,

you could not afford

the beings you had,

but gave what you could.

What was produced,

by the producers of earth?

And what was consumed,

by those as lively as dirt?

Life finds a way

it always does,

once things fall and wither

and the water grows dark,

under the lying light

of stale energy and white

life is given

to those who need it most.

You did this

through the chambers of strife

bringing hope to the Tower

the Tower of life.

But things look dull.

Without the sharpness

the chambers are silent.

All the life in lost but

still biotic it remains,

in hope of hope

abiotic the same.

Now matter must cope

life finds a way



5 thoughts on “Eco-Grave

  1. For my poem, I wanted to speak as the Eco-Tower and create a riddle, to make people think and figure out what or who “I am”. I also wanted to depict different aspects of the Eco-Tower and the different functions with in it.

  2. For my poem, I wanted to convey the way I was feeling during the span of time where the tower was dying. It was hard for me to watch most of all the life within the tower, wither and die. But over time the life slowly but sure began to come back, with new organisms and creatures appearing from the water and the dirt. Seeing the fight that the tower put up made me truly appreciate it, thus I wrote a ‘thank you’ note to the tower to show that appreciation. Thanking if for providing itself with energy through the different chambers, and through the different processes that the organisms in those chambers provided to make energy and life for others in side the tower. Also, I wanted to bring this idea back to the point that “life finds a way,” trying to show that the tower did this itself, and the life inside of it made it happen.

  3. In writing my poem, I realized that anything that went wrong with our tower was solely our fault. From the beginning, it seemed as if everything we had put into our tower quickly started to fade from living, to dying, to dead. It got to the point where our producers chamber started to become a second decomposition chamber. My real inspiration came from when we attempted to filter the water through the top, to try and make it clearer and cleaner for the fish. This did what seemed to be the exact opposite. We ended up having some of the darkest water in the class, and I saw that it was because of how the water came through the other chambers before reaching the aquatic chamber. Seeing as how the other chambers seemed to just consist mostly of death, it gave me the idea for my poem.

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