Forgotten Chambers

Earth is more than what people think it is. When we first think of Earth, we think about water and trees. But, we forget so many important components such as Duckweed on a pond, flowers in a field, or the fruits of a tree. Earth is filled with many systems and some of the most important ones are the various ecosystems. We focused on one  by creating a small model that we kept for about three weeks and recorded the changes within it. The model consisted of three chambers: Terrestrial, Decomposition, and Aquatic. These poems that are below are the chambers and some of what is inside them speaking out of their feeling of being forgotten.

Towers of Wonders

By: Gemma Muldoon

Dear Eco-Tower,

Producers produce,

I am not a producer.

Consumers Consume,

I love to eat.

Decomposers decompose,

I am not a worm.

Herbivores snack,

I am a herbivore.

Omnivores hesitate,

I know what I want.

Carnivores kill,

I dislike meat.

Chemical Energy Bonds,

I break.

Photosynthesis makes,

I am glad to not do that.

You Percolate,

I do too.

Transpiration gives,

I do not do this.

Plants Respire,

I know ATP aids.

Trophic Levels layer,

I occupy level two.

Odors increase,

I have smelt your levels fours.

Turbidity changes,

I struggle through your level three insides.

Temperature rises,

I have recorded your high of 26°.

Systems Cycle,

I am a system.

Biotic Factors affect,

I cause many.


Your Creator

Dear, Eco Tower

By: Hailey Avery

You’re five bottles high and I’m the one who carries all that water at the bottom of you..

All that weight from the chamber above me.

The decomposition chamber holding and breaking down all that matter in you like you’re a piece of trash.

Then you have the terrestrial chamber with it’s flower and seeds trying to make you look good.

Well Eco Tower don’t take their cycles and system that may stop working and kill you in a unknown time.

I am feeling left out and alone down here.

You know Eco you’ve a aquatic chamber too you know the one who is writing to you.

I am the one who always makes sure you have water.

The one whose lets your little damsel fly nymph friend

stay and swim all day.

I understand that I am on the bottom but I am important to.

I help you breath and have oxygen with some help from my friend the duck weed.

Eco it is time that you see me.

I am done just being left at the bottom.

It is time you see me.

Eco I am here!

to my home:

By: S. Beaver

i’ve been sitting here for awhile

waiting for 23 days in your terrestrial chamber

the percolating water drips onto my body

i was meant to produce

yet i was planted improperly

my caregivers rarely mention me in their charts

i think they’ve forgotten that i exist

i wish i was planted properly

then i would be remembered

then i could provide

i will never grow

i will never thrive

and i will never decompose in the way i should’ve

i will stay on the surface on the soil

and remain a seed



the chinese cabbage seeds

The Chambers

By: Oceana Bailey                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The start of the open-system

is the beginning of everything.

The percolation of water flows to the every changing

Hole in tiny blue caps

“rain” into every chamber.

The terrestrial chamber

It’s the beginning

Worms, seed, flowers, and moss

begin photosynthesis.

The water percolates through the cap

to the decomposition chamber.

The decomposition chamber

is where the worms and leaves live.

Breaking through the dirt and leaves

the little friends break up the dirt

part of the cycle.

The cap has a straw and hole for the water to

go to the aquatic chamber.

“Breaking free” worms come to

the majestic aquatic chamber.

The last chamber of this tower

It keeps the ever growing damsel fly nymph and

other aquatic organisms.

I am an Eco-Tower.

I’m and old and smell.

I am a open-system.




11 thoughts on “Forgotten Chambers

    • Thank you, as a group we looked lover our poems and seen that they were mainly all about one of the chambers being forgotten so we came up with these title.

  1. This particular collection of poems gives a very interesting and different perspectives on the Earth and its components. My poem in particular, Tower of Wonders, is a heartless poem that displays the view of the entire eco-tower as a system and what it is doing. This poem was hard for me to write for longest time and then when I collaborated with my peer, George Barbu, about what is going on in the eco-tower, it became easier. The poem is from the perspective of the creator of the eco-tower to give the poem a solid ending that will leave the reader in the creator’s shoes.

  2. What moved me to write my poem was my recent break up and how I was feeling. I was feeling that people have forgot about my feeling and what I need and what I do for them. This got me thinking of the aquatic chamber in the eco tower. It’s the bottom tower and all the left overs end up there. This is how I felt so I went with the idea and this poem was the outcome.

  3. Writing “The Chambers” was hard for me because I could not think of ways to connect science with poetry. Even though Ms. Glupker helped us with the poetry part I still couldn’t decide on what to write on. Then I decided on how the chambers worker and worker together. This poem is written from the eyes of the creator and describing what all the chamber do. It starts with the open system concept and through out the poem you see how it worker. Then it ends with I am a open-system to tie it all back to the beginning.

  4. I like the way you introduced the collection of poems. There’s more than meets the eye on Planet Earth! For the group – who do you think is the “unknown hero” in the eco-tower that everyone should know about?

    • I feel it’s the aquatic chamber because it proves a place for the left overs to go. It also holds the water of the tower so in my opinion the aquatic chamber is the hero.

  5. My poem, “to my home:”, was written in the perspective of the Chinese Cabbage seeds we were instructed to plant in the terrestrial chamber. These seeds were planted improperly and I, myself, felt very bad about that. Not only was it a waste, but it led to the death of any creature that was supposed to live in there, due to the lack of producers. I personified the seeds and made them seem depressed and somber by using no caps lock and drawing from my own experience in being depressed and often feeling bad about my lack of involvement in any given situation.

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