Inside the Ecosystem

As J Cole says, “There’s beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success” the Eco-towers came a long way from where they began. It was a struggle to hold on and stay strong to survive in a place that wasn’t home. It was a knock off, an artificial creation that tried to play the role of an ecosystem. But it just didn’t have all the necessary factors to help the organisms survive. The Eco-tower as a whole was a failure.

The Failed System
by: Joselyn Carter

We’ve created this world hoping for a success
We built the foundations for a healthy ecosystem

Water, soil, oxygen
and everything else he needed

It had the intentions of a happy and warming place
Look around for hopeful and willing organisms

Everyone seemed comfortable and set
The happiness was short lived

Especially for our limbless cold-blooded vertebrate
As the days went on lives came to an end

Others started to begin
We knew it wouldn’t last long but
We hoped we were wrong

But the smell became horrid
and the single-cell lives gave up this way of living

Yet we hung on to that little bit of faith
Thinking the organisms would be strong

There were two crawling creatures who fought for this since the beginning
But this ecosystem just wasn’t built for everyone’s living

A dystopia to many
A perfect world for few.

Vigorous Infrastructure
by: Brielle Matthews

Eco tower, I adore how you stand so tall
with stones and water as your foundation,
you stand nice and firm

Amazed of your system, how it works
Your exterior protecting everything within
Soil, rocks, organisms

A worm to be exact
So fair not to discriminate
Biotic, Abiotic
some aquatic, even terrestrial

Eco tower, I adore how you stand so tall
with stones and water as your foundation,
the base of an ecosystem
You protect it all

Journey of the Droplets
by: McKensie Berry

I fall through the top.

Sometimes I slip through the the straw, other times I soak into the soil.

I fertilize seeds,feed roots, and dampen things around me.

I enter the next chamber to really begin my journey.

I bounce off leaves and roll off sticks.

I soak into another layer of soil meeting new organisms.

Dead or alive, they need me to thrive.

Some rely on me to live,or to help with decomposition.

Entering my next chamber, The journey is about to end.

I fall through the air combining with others like me. Gone.

Pooled at the bottom of an ecosystem.

I am left with a dream of a journey I had.



My Life For A Day!
by: Bre’Onna Baylis-Washington

I spent a day
It was a day too long.
There was less oxygen.

I didn’t believe that I could survive.
I didn’t have the will to hop around wherever my feet take me
Not here.

This system wasn’t built for me
I needed more terrestrial area
Even a little more aquatic space would’ve been great

I needed food
I’m an insectivore
I craved long, juicy worms

OH how I would’ve killed for a fast flying bug
It would’ve tasted so good
I missed catching food.

I was trapped inside a plastic bottle.
It reminded me of my natural home.

The temperature was even just right
75 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact…
Just like the woods, but they couldn’t fool me.

I heard everyone doubt me
That frog isn’t going to live
Showed them didn’t I?



9 thoughts on “Inside the Ecosystem

  1. My poem was inspired by the frog that we had in our eco-tower for one day. He stayed alive but we decided to let him go because the eco-tower wasn’t stable enough for him to survive for a long period of time. Some people thought he wouldn’t last one day, but he was fine. We figured he was miserable in such a closed space area without being able to catch food and hop in and out of water. So in the poem I put myself in his position and talked about what life was like for him during that 24 hour period.

    • The contrast of the “natural” vs. “unnatural” habitats in your poem is nice touch. I love that you took the perspective of the frog and explored what it was like to be in there while wanting to get out.

  2. I want to know more about why Brielle adores the eco-tower, and how the other poets (J, M, and B) react to her optimism! You have a great range of perspectives in this collection, and I love Bre’Onna’s spunky last line.

  3. I wrote this poem because I saw parallels from the real world to our ecosystem. I thought it was interesting how we originally believed that what we were doing was going to have such a positive outcome. I remember learning about dystopias and I automatically was able to draw the connection between the two. I enjoy writing poetry and when I wrote this poem it took time to come up with an idea but when I did I used the eco-tower and organisms in it as if it was the real world and actual citizens.

    • Nice job of connecting this science project back to a big theme in your English and Social Studies classes. Our eco-towers were a bit dystopian.

  4. I chose to write my poem in the direction of focusing on the eco tower and its exterior. Because it was only essentially pop bottles and tape, is what amazed me. As well as to be made of everyday objects and still kept the fish alive, or allowed for any plants to sprout. There also wasn’t any leaking of the pond water and nothing escaped Typically I always take a different outlook on things. While everyone is focused on the inside of the eco tower, I was focused on the out.

    • I like the repeated theme of “foundation” in your poem. The double meaning of the heavy water and rocks as the foundation of the tower and those same abiotic materials forming the base of an ecosystem is great!

  5. My poem was about water through the whole ecosystem. I wanted to make it as a Journey the water takes to get from beginning to end. in my mind the water was the most important part of the eco tower because it kept everything alive!

  6. In particular, I like Brielle’s title. I don’t always notice the abiotic structure or substance upon which all this life around us lives — but her poem reminds me to take a second look.

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