The End of the Systems

These collaborations of poems are based on death, love, and loneliness.  The reason for these poems is to combine science poetry into something sorrowful and depressing. The major themes all of our poems have in common are the atmosphere that the organisms inhabit and how they interact.

Love Poem For Sun From Earth

By: Caleigh Barnaby

Without you I couldn’t contain life

Without you I wouldn’t contain air

for my producers could not achieve photosynthesis.

I would only be a regular planet in our solar system

without you I wouldn’t be discovered

without you we would have no identity.

Without you there would be no warmth for my crust

for you are the main source of energy that completes me,

 you are my night and day.

When I spin around you with my axis at a tilt

we complete our cycle at the end of the day,

sending half of me away and the other at rest

what would I do without you sun?

I can’t have you too close nor too far

Life would end as we know it once you go away,

though that one day when you finally pull me in close all life will end.

I love you sun.

  The Sad Life of a Fish

By: Stephanie Londeau

Aquatic chambers.

An aquarium where aquatic specimens live.

I liked this fish I saw and put him in an aquatic chamber.

Carrying capacity.

The number of which organisms, like the fish himself, live in a certain area.


They, like the fish, eat things like plants.


The process where organic matter is broken down into its component elements.

The fish, himself had began decomposing.


By: Nina Tsang

Dear Dystopia,

You were once my love, once my life.

You were my ecosystem that I called home.

You were once beautiful aquatic view, in your own way.

I loved seeing you care for all biotic and abiotic things.

It was joyful.

But it then ended, you piece of crap.

You killed me.

So now I’ll let you know: the perfect system we once had will forever be broken.

Your dead love,

Dead Bob the Fish

Sorrow and Despair

By: Afnan Imran

I am the last living thing in this tower

I am surrounded by leaves, twigs, and organisms that are breaking down their organic matter into component elements,

The fish, the worm, and the two damselflies,

Everything is dead except for me and the plants above me,

I could smell the pond water beneath me and the animals that are decomposing

I am the last survivor in this tower,

I am the Sow Bug


5 thoughts on “The End of the Systems

  1. My poem was Percolation and it was interesting to write about. I decided to write a letter because I wanted to imagine myself as something other than a human. So I chose something mean: A letter from a dead fish. I don’t really know where this thought came from but I really had a lot of hated passion for this poem. Another reason my poem was so cruel was because I think love letters and poems are very common and typical. It was really hard for me to connect science with my poem because of the little vocabulary I know. In the end, though, it was a very interesting experiment.

  2. My poem “Sorrow and Despair” is about a sow bug that lived in our eco-tower, it was the only surviving bug in our tower. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to write about, but once I got the idea to write about the sow bug I didn’t have trouble writing it. This poem was easier to write than I expected it to be because I’m not into poetry or writing it but I really enjoyed writing this poem.

  3. My poem “The Sad Life of a Fish” was about Kevin, the fish who had lived in our eco-tower. It started off with the beginning of Kevin’s life in the eco-tower. Then it ended with him dying, essentially. I love to write, but I, for some odd reason, can’t write poems, never could. This was extremely difficult at the beginning because if I couldn’t write a regular poem there was no way I could write a science poem! Also, I had never wrote a science poem before, but then I got the hang of it and I didn’t necessarily like writing it, but I didn’t hate writing it.

  4. What a haunting collection! Afnan’s first line reminds me of post-apocalyptic books and movies. You all did a nice job infusing emotions of love, loneliness, and despair.

  5. The poem, A Love Poem For Sun came to me when I was googling science poems to read. When I think of poems the first thing that come to my mind is love poems. Then I just thought of two objects that interact with each other, that I also new a lot about. Then I made, A Love Pome For Sun.

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