The Three Towers Are No More

An Eco-Tower, it is a model ecosystem encapsulated in a small, three-chamber cylinder. The three chambers are the terrestrial chamber, the decomposition chamber, and the aquatic chamber. Each chamber plays a role that simulates a realistic environment. After the experiment we wrote these science poems to explain what happened inside the chambers.

The Wasteland

By Zachary Kohler

Dear Tower you keep me away

from all that is good, no space to go.

little spaces say no! There is no nutrients here for you

I persperate, no, nothing works in this tube, it is muggy, hot, and the

worms are all died, from the water that rained

on certain days.

My life is a wreck, what the heck, why

not talk to the moss, the dirt, the plants.

Just leave me alone, in my home, don’t touch

me again…..when will this end

Decomposers are nosers they get into

water, and dirt and leave nothing good for

producers like me.

I’m surrounded by worms that squirm and squish

I wish I were free from this chamber!

The fertile biomass is gone just decomposers

and me. A weed.


Ode to the Eco-Tower

By Jacob Harkleroad

Your 3 chambers all plastic and clear.

Water percolates through your skyscraping system.

Starting into the terrestrial chamber, you water the plants and quench the animals.

Gravity pulls water through your first chamber and into your decomposition chamber.

Detritivores and and decomposers are hard at work in your stomach.

Breaking biotic biomass to their known base components.

Your decomp chamber is your factory. It breaks, builds, and ships off matter.

As water travels through your soil, it picks up nutrients for your lowermost chamber, the aquatic chamber.

H2O… billions of hydrogen and oxygen molecules bonded together to make up what is your tinted crystal clear pond water.

As water trickled into your final slumbering chamber, the aquatic buggas exclaim for joy as the nutrient rich water fell into your base.

How beautiful your systems worked until you had an overburdened carry capacity.

The first week you worked in harmony as we quenched your thirst every time we observed and noted your behavior.

We fed your plants radiant energy.

Your autotrophs and producers couldn’t full fill your photosynthesis quota.

Thus your consumers failed to meet there needs to live in your body like system.

The abiotic components in your system didn’t help with your failing state.

As time went on, all of the beautiful creatures in your chambers fell into a never ending nap.

The worms in your terrestrial and decomposition chambers, your may fly nymph in the aquatic chamber, and your damsel fly in your terrestrial chamber.

Your plants continued to transpire as you were looking, searching, eagerly desiring an equilibrium state.

You fought and fought, we counter acted with more animals but that put you into even more despair.

In your despair you started to become foul in smell and in look.

The only way I see this ending is by your demise eco tower.

You were never destined for greatness, only for a class experiment.

I am sorry eco tower, I must give up on you.

You won’t go down in history, but you will be in my history.

You did good.


“To The Tower”

By Jonathan Hoover


You are dead

Most organisms dead

Only 1 worm, 1 beetle remain

Mold has grown

Fungi are no longer fun

No longer moving

Barely respiring


Not even water

will help you transpire

All of your Carnivores

Are no more

We took you past carrying capacity

that everyone can see

For this reason

You are dead

Everyone knows

your biomass

has no mass

You are Dead


5 thoughts on “The Three Towers Are No More

  1. In my poem, To The Tower. I was trying to display how quickly it just stopped being active. I tried to make it sort of funny with my “fungi are no longer fun” and “Your biomass has no mass”. I sort of tried to make it like a sarcastic elegy in a way.

  2. My poem is “Ode to the Eco-Tower”. With this poem, I attempted to show or describe the great things and the bad things about our Eco-Tower. I also tried to throw in vocabulary that would evoke emotion. When it came to writing the poem, I was quite fluid in the speed of writing the poem. If I wasn’t constricted to the time I had to write the poem, it would of been longer in length and more in depth.

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