Voices of The Eco-Tower

In class we made model ecosystems. We observed them for over two weeks. We have observed worms, rollie pollies, spiders, and the way that they interact with all the other compartments of the ecosystem. We came together to create the Voices of The Eco-Tower. See what two insiders and two outsiders have to say and watch as the elements come to life.


By Amanda Brooks

I wait in my chamber

waiting to have a purpose

Waiting to bring forth life

Waiting for the life to grow

and produce what is needed

so everything else lives

I watch as the life grows

and I am proud that I have a purpose

I watch as the producers starts

to make a greater change

I can feel decomposers crawling around

I listen to the burst of breath

that the life brings forth

I am dirt

I have a purpose

The Fake Apology

By Jacob Kohler

Dear Eco-tower

I’m sorry you had to be used these past few weeks,

but you helped my knowledge reach its peaks.  

You finally helped me understand why things never get out of hand.

At first you were fresh and clean,

and now you look like James Dean.

But you do not have any threats,

because I actually gave you some pets.

You have a spider, roly pollies and an ant or two,

but sadly you have to deal with their poo.

But listen I really do care.

I’m talking to you isn’t that fair?

I’d love to say that I’d take you home,

but my parents won’t take anyone who is not made of flesh and bone.

I wish to cleans my dark watery guilt,

but you weren’t properly built.

You had so many good things,

but now it stings,

because you have no more good things.

I’d love to say your pure and true,

but I realized that none of us are so why should you.

I’m sorry.

There I said it now I’m done,

now can I go home and had some fun.

You destroyed one major thing.

My fish and that is something that made my head go.


Your time was done,

and I no longer had all of that fun.

I want to throw you in the trash,

so that you don’t become my annoying little rash.

My sit spots are more important,

not staying inside dormant.

I have no shame in what I said

I wish you were in the land of the dead,

where you can fight the devil head to head.

I love to stay fresh and clean,

so please Mr. Long and Mrs. Glupker don’t send me to the Dean.

Top To Bottom of The Eco-Tower

By Madison Berlinger

As I look up, I see dirt.

If I go up, I see plastic.

As I look down, I see dirt.

If I go down, I see leaves, sticks, moss.

A whole other world

If I go down as far as I can,

I see holes within a white circle.

As I look through the holes, I can see

the whole other world.

I can see a different life, different ecosystem.

So, this is what I do.

I inch and I inch

My way


The tiny

Hole within

The white circle.

Now, I am in this whole other universe.

All kinds of specimen.

I find is so mesmerising

That this whole other world

Can be so different from mine.

This place has

Sticks, leaves, moss, rolly polies..

My world only had spiders, small plants, and me.

This place has

much more life.

As I look up, I see sticks, moss, and leaves.

If I go up, I see plastic, dirt, and

The holes within the white circle.

I don’t see anything important.

That reminds me,

There is so much moisture, I can hardly see

Out of this container.

Why doesn’t my world look like this?

But as I look down, I see dirt, roly polies.

If I go down, I pass dead fish, good for fertilization.

Ants will use it well.

And I see holes,

Within a white hole.

So, this is what I do;

I inch and I inch

My way


The tiny

Hole within

The white circle.


I hit a liquid

It is water

I can’t breathe

Someone help me

Why couldn’t I see?

I thought it was going to be the same.

But I guess this is where the cycle ends.

The tower with the plants

To the place with the moisture

To this.

The road ends here.

The Rolly Polly

By Andy Mojica

You live in the dirt and come up for food.

You, like most animals mate and spread in numbers.

Kids love to play with you when in grandma’s garden.

They enjoy when you roll up in a ball for your self protection.

You are always running around your home finding something to do like the kid stuck at home. You run around and roll around weather people are looking or not.

You are like the butterfly in which you experience change, but differently like all bugs.

You go from a little white roly-polly to a bigger more tan or brown roly-polly.

It’s not a big change but it’s enough to be loved by millions.

When you are small you are like a child because you are different looking and called cute. When you are bigger however, you are still called cute which is different than a human.

You have similarities with lots of things but again you have differences with lots more things which makes everyone have another similarity.

In my eco tower system you could stand out because you were more active than most of the other bugs.

When the water would flow through the few chambers most bugs could and would be unseen but you and your mate came up to wander around.

You even outlived the fish we had plus, you gave new life and spread like all things spread.

you fit with your surroundings while other animals were running as quick as they could and tried to find an escape.

You stayed put hung out then spread.  


7 thoughts on “Voices of The Eco-Tower

  1. I like how Jacob used the teachers that had helped us with the poems, and how he made almost every two lines rhyme with each other. You three did an amazing job!!

    • Tell us about your poem, Top to Bottom of the Eco-tower. What was your inspiration for the poem? Tell us a little bit about how you approached the process or about the theme of your poem.

  2. When I wrote DIRT, it was a little hard for me because I didn’t really now how to write in the voice of dirt. Then I began to think about what is dirt’s purpose and what it’s role was in the Eco-Tower. And just like that I began to write. I really enjoyed this project and I thank everyone for reading tis post!

  3. When I was writing to the eco-tower I was thinking about the past few weeks the my team and I did and how it changed over time. At first it was very healthy and cool to see all the plant, bug and fish life but the last week just about changed everything. Our bugs were almost all dead, the fish died, the water turned black and it smelled like death. I enjoyed the project but I hated the smell and the death the eco-tower gave us.

  4. When I wrote about the Rolly-Polly I was thinking about the Rolly-Pollys in my eco-tower and how they had babies. They were the only thing that came to mind when I was getting an idea for the poem.

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