Life of the Eco-tower

This small collection of poems reflected upon many different things from homes, to being bounded, and even to the point of being sorry for the life that is no longer there. Through these poems we have expressed our feelings towards the ecosystem that our eco-towers presented us with. Whether is was as a home for a small portion of an ecosystem, or it felt like the organism were trapped, or even how sad they were when everything was dead. Everyone has their own experimental display, along with their own results of their experiment. Each and individual results were influenced by quantity of resource, whether it’s shortage of food for the organisms cutting off some of their food web components, or the actions of the experimenters, in which placed environmental disturbances into their ecosystem changing the process.Two of these pieces are from voices inside one of these towers, and two others are of onlookers of the towers. Brought together, you have Life of the Eco-tower.


Uniting Homes

By Jenna Jordan

Your Terrestrial Chamber is today

The Decomposition is a day

Aquatic Chambers are acquired

And Herbivores are here.

When one is two and two is one

The Trophic Level has begun

Producer in one

Consumer in two

And Decomposer in one

One begins, one ends.

First is Omnivore

Next is Detrivore

And last is Carnivore

One eats the origins

Two eats remains

And the last eats other animals

Abiotic is non-life

Biotic is life

Two halves of a whole

One has always been there,

The other has not.

Radiant Energy travels by waves

Sound by speed

Chemical Energy is stored.

And Systems make a whole


By Khamphayvanh  L. Rasavong  

I started off free,but passed away chained.

Taken from lentic waters and transported to an entirely different ecosystem.

My actions aren’t  forced, nor can I be tamed.

Yet, I still stand in a place which I condemn

Two ecological chambers are two above mine in position

Both terrestrial and decompose  

Lack supplied nutrition

In a place where my appearance is exposed

Occasionally receive precipitation  

Visible to what I can see

Bounded for the extent of my view

Trapped inside a solid that meets my needs, but still not free.

My life is to be due

End in a place where there is a benthic zone, photic zone, but no aphotic zone.

Constantly exposed to radiant energy

Covered in bacteria, which is to be prone

2 weeks

3 days

Will brought me this far

Physically restricted, mentally free.

My Home

By Dominic Abolio

My home is a strange small world,

junk piled upon its own self making a suitable habitat

chamber once illuminated with life,

now a damp,

dark graveyard contaminated with filth

So dark that you would insist on being able to see light if you were blind instead

A power flows within my home,

energy created by interactions between the inert and them that breathe,

cycling the energy and matter trapped inside the system,

hopeless of ever receiving anything different

Organisms consume organisms consuming organisms,

life cannot conjoin together as it once did before in peace

Survival is an instinct of which the mind uses to secure one’s well-being in the attendance of hazards,

that is why these consumers cannot stop themselves if they wanted to

My home is a tower of different elements intertwined with one another in the ecosystem,

with the terrain over the aquatic,

but eventually to subside into the waters below

Some talk about swimming these murky creature infested pools,

and dare their courage and faith to surpass the waters to make it to what land there is,

or sink trying

Signs begin to sprout in the highlands,

a rising hope,

a hope that my home can once again be filled with the fulfillment of life

Worst of Ways

By Ethan Heinig

Hello Tower

I am sorry

For we have failed you in the worst of ways

All your biotic components

(save some slugs and bugs)

have failed to make it in the worst of ways

they all have become

detri-food number one

(even though the detries are there too)

There are no omnies

no carnies

The only herbies, they are brand new

the only producers are the foolhardy weeds

that are soon to fall to the new baby feeds

who shall crumple soon after to starvation indeed.

and then nothing will live, aquatic or terrestrial.

there will be no consumers.

there is no food tree.

the biochemical cycle is at a standstill

the system has a biomass

less than a quill

so I must say this Tower:



4 thoughts on “Life of the Eco-tower

  1. In my poem, I was trying to make an extended analogy with content extracted from science and applying it to a life but tying it in with our science Eco-tower projects too.

  2. In my poem I wanted all of the different creatures to be represented and acknowledge in their own right, for where they were placed, also to bring into light how many sections and groups there were.

  3. In preview of the poem “Bounded”, I took the knowledge that was taught to me and applied it in this poem. As author of the poem “Bounded”, my aim was to not only explain the structure of the experiment, but apply the knowledge of different phenomenons occurring in the experiment. I decided to glue everything together by using the point of view of an organism in the aquatic chamber….

  4. My poem was inspired by the fact that everything in my eco-tower had died. I feel that I was in part responsible for this, so I created an apology poem to help with reparation.

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