Dandelions or Jasmine- What Could This Plant Have Been?

This is a picture of similar jasmine flowers to the ones that I saw on the WCC campus. (Source: HerbalFire.com)

This is a picture of similar jasmine flowers to the ones that I saw on the WCC campus.
(Source: HerbalFire.com)

Ah that sweet smell of flowers is so nice. You never know what kind of flower it is though, or what it looks like, or anything about it, except for that it smells nice. Each time I had gone to this nice, quiet spot, I had always smelled a sweet flower smell and wondered what it was. I didn’t know what it was at first, but then I had a clue as to what it was. The results are actually shocking.

One day a few weeks ago, I had gone outside and sat at a quiet spot and just looked around. I was made to go outside by my teacher, but I never had suspected there would be so many cool things around. There were several things around me, birds chirping, a swampy smell,  a bunch of small twigs, leaves, etc. but there was one specific thing that stood out to me. Out of all the things I could smell I had smelled a sweet smell. It smelled familiar, I first thought “Well I know this smell. What could it be?” I then thought to myself “It smells like dandelions, so there has to be a small patch of dandelions nearby.” I had investigated further and actually found out that that smell was the flower Jasmine nearby. It felt extremely smooth, was white, and the plant had about three to four jasmine flowers on it. I had wondered if this was the only place it was grown near the Washtenaw Community College campus and had wondered why only here. I had also noticed there was a small spot near the pond, that looked big, but wasn’t really that big, that was not covered in trees and had sunlight beaming down on it. According to White Flower Farm, Jasmine can only be grown in sunny places. This is because in order for it to grow it needs to complete photosynthesis. In order for photosynthesis to occur, there has to be sunlight and water. Also White Flower Farm says that the plant is best in humid conditions, which is why when I had gone out the air around me felt pretty muggy. As you see, there is way more to just the smell of flowers.


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  1. As far as I understand it, jasmine is not native to North America. It’s an Asian plant species. Are you positive that you saw a jasmine plant? If so, how do you think it got there?

  2. Your blog is intriguing. I really liked your teaser. After I read this I really wanted to smell a jasmine because I have no idea how it smells. Awesome blog!

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