Plathemis Lydia

They fly, they’re small, and they’re fast. These fast creatures catch their prey midair; don’t live very long. Do you know what I’m talking about? I bet you don’t!

You don’t tend to notice them unless they fly right next to you, or in front of you. When I saw this dragonfly, he flew right in front of my face, then I saw another dragonfly following him. The first one I saw had a bright white tail, while the other was darker; easily mistaken for black at first glance. I also noticed that there was a black line across both their wings. I saw these two dance around for a while before they flew off to where I couldn’t see them. Then not too long after, I saw them again, but not in front of me. I wouldn’t have seen either if I wasn’t looking for them. They were sitting on a cattail off to the right, separate from one another. The white one didn’t stay there long, and the darker one didn’t follow. I only suspect they got into an argument and went their separate ways.

The reason I caught onto this is because I love nature. There’s something about animals in their natural habitat that catches my eye, and I love it! Animals doing their own thing, on their own mission. Sometimes with a partner in crime, with a whole group, and other times by themselves. These dragonflies were on a mission, and once that mission was over with, they parted ways. Well, that’s what I suspect what happened.

Plathemis Lydia is also known as the Common Whitetail dragonfly ( The reason they are called Common Whitetails, according to, is because they are common all over the U.S. and lower Canada. As I was looking through this website I found that I saw both a male and a female dragonfly; that they are normally found by ponds, slow moving rivers, ditches, meadows and marshes; and that they catch their food in midair! I found all this out and more! If you want to find out more, take a look at the website:


Male Common Whitetail (


Female Common Whitetail (


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