Why All The Ruckus?

bird on brnach

Wake up at the crack of dawn with an orchestra playing right outside your house, taking a walk while hearing numerous chattering, calls and songs. What could all of this be about? I decided to look into it and I found out some rather peculiar info that I was unfamiliar with.

I wondered to myself if there was actually any meaning to all of the noise-if it was all just social talk, a way of showing a kind of excitement, or was there something more significant behind nature’s ruckus? The different melodies and harmonies. All but a few species of birds have voice–storks, pelicans, and some vultures are the only ones that do not. And only one kind of bird can make a none vocal sound-woodpeckers. There is actually a study done along the characteristics of bird songs and birds in general, it is a branch if zoology called ornithology. I found this out as I delved into the case, and that there is a difference between songs and calls and both carry different functions. A song can be a bird claiming its territory, attempting at a mate or keep an already achieved bond alive. geeseFlocks of Mountain chickadees or overhead geese could be singing their songs to keep the flock together, though it typically could be calls too like geese flying overhead. Sometimes it’s too identify themselves as the same species or to their young, and sometimes they gotta scare off predators. The calls can vary among each species, and temperature change can affect the amount of singing making birds aware of an oncoming storm. And with exceptions, it is usually the male who sings the songs. But as all life on this planet, birds themselves also like to keep a stable social status too.