The deadliest and itchiest thing alive

Have you ever wondered why you feel itchy on a hot and muggy day. Doesn’t it bother you all the time. You see bugs everywhere but there is always one that you swat at consistently. The Mosquito. When you kill one it never goes away. It feels like you are killing one and millions come back and avenge it.

This is a picture of a West Nile mosquito feeding on the blood of its victim. (Source:

In my science class we have these things called sit spots. It is where our class goes out into the woods and sit on a spot that we pick. We look, listen, smell, hear, and feel for something that might be interesting. One of the days when we had our sit spots we did the usual thing. We sat and did all of the stuff that was required of us. The sad thing was, I couldn’t even focus on my paper because something or something’s were making me itch.

The monsters were here. The mosquitoes were coming in from every direction. Left and right, up and down, and I couldn’t even focus on what I had to do. I still don’t know how but some mosquitoes were able to get up my leg and bite. At first I didn’t feel it but when I was able to go back to my classroom it itched like crazy.

The mosquitoes carry an number of diseases. According to Illinois Department of Public Health they ask “What’s the most dangerous creature on earth?” They have an answer to that question and some evidence. “Even today, mosquitoes transmitting malaria kill 2  to 3 million people and infect another 200 million or more every year.”

Some people may say that mosquitoes just bite, leave a bump and you itch it with annoyance but after you do some research you begin to see that they can be very deadly if you let them bite you so many times. So if I were you I would kill as many mosquitoes as you can before you ether end up in a hospital or your dead.

To me personally I hate mosquitoes. I also think that I speak for almost everyone that we all hate mosquitoes. To me they are the worst things on the planet and now that I know a bit more about them I am a little scared of them too. Now that I know that mosquitoes carry diseases I want to kill as many mosquitoes as I can before they bite me. Sadly that will never happen.


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  1. Mosquitoes are certainly a pest for us humans. And, as you’ve learned, a serious disease vector. One thing that scientists worry about with a warming climate is that mosquitoes are extending their range into areas that were once too cold for them to survive. That will expose even more people to disease-carrying species of mosquitoes. But, even the most easily disliked pests play an important ecological role. All of those mosquitoes provide food for numerous other animals. The next time you think about squishing a spider or exterminating bats from your attic, remember those mosquitoes.

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