A different energy source.

Energy, everyone needs it. People need physical energy, and electrical energy. Humans aren’t the only organism, plants require energy to grow. This energy that plants receive, is called photosynthesis. Do you know where this energy comes from?

Surprisingly enough, the sun is the main light energy that plants take and transform into chemical energy. I came to write this blog because I know some people dislike the sun very much due to burns and irritation of heat. Some people don’t really pay much attention to how important the sun really is. The sun is the main key for photosynthesis and without it, really people wouldn’t have fruits and vegetables today. I remember learning in 6th grade what photosynthesis was.  According to Wikipedia, photosynthesis is the process used by plants and other organisms to transform the light energy, mainly from the sun, into chemical energy that is later used. In my WTMC environmental science class, we had to go to our sit spots which is a location that you choose in one of the WCC woods. As I went out and chose my sit spot, it seemed at all the plants were freshly cut really short. Six weeks after that date, on 6/24/2015, I went out and there were these huge plants that grew to be at least 5ft and 8 inches (as seen in the picture). As I saw these plants, I was amazed because they weren’t really noticeable before. I then realized that these plants were doing photosynthesis to create their own food, causing them to grow bigger. This wasn’t the only plant that grew to be tall, other plants were brushing up against my knees, happening to be 1 foot tall. Before I wrote this blog, I knew what photosynthesis was and what it does to the environment, but I never really payed much attention to it myself. Writing this blog has showed me how much the human society really  needs photosynthesis even though we can’t do photosynthesis ourselves.






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  1. In your opening paragraph, you say that photosynthesis is the energy that plants receive. That’s not entirely correct. Photosynthesis isn’t the energy. It’s the process of converting radiant energy to chemical energy, which you correctly describe later in your post.

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