An Orange Dome

There are over 1.7 million  insects on the Earth that have been discovered. In particular, there are 5,000 species of  Lady Beetles that can be found all over the word and live an average lifespan of two years. Identified by its bright color and dome shaped abdomen, it has a great impact on the Global Ecosystem. It is classified as Coccinellidae. Size does not matter when it comes to the functionality of the a Lady Beetle because it helps the larger picture and directly impacts humans.

This is the view of my sit spot.

This is the view of my sit spot.

Recently, while completing my Sit Spot Challenge, I recorded an observation of a small beetle that was located on a rock. It was small, approximately 0.8 millimeters, and had a orange abdomen that was shaped like a dome. It had six legs that were attached to its abdomen and a small head with attene. The beetle that I recorded was a Lady Beetle or more commonly known as a Ladybug.

This is the rock that the Lady Beetle was located.

This is the rock that the Lady Beetle was located.

Just like many other animals that we are familiar with, the Lady Beetle also has a life cycle.  It consists of four stages: eggs, larva, pupa, and adult. In comparison to a human, which takes 280 days to fully develop, the Lady Beetle takes only 21 days. That is really amazing that it can fully develop in such a short period of time.

When observing the Lady Beetle, the coloring really struck me as being interesting. Little did I know that the coloring is very important to the survival of the Lady Beetle.  Personally, I find the coloring unique but predators don’t. Even though the Lady Beetle has many predators, it  also plays the role of the predator. According to the University of Michigan, there are still predators that will not be “turned off” by the coloring and do attempt to eat it. Then, Lady Beetle will release small amounts of  blood from its joints that contain toxic chemicals.

Since the Lady Beetle is an omnivore, it will eat both plants and other animals. The Lady Beetle feeds on Aphids which makes them beneficial to farmers because Aphids are harmful to crops. Can you believe that a Lady Beetle will eat over 5,000 Aphids?

As a young child, I would play games with my younger siblings that would involve numerous forms of communication to one another either by yelling or using walkie talkies. We did get by by using these methods of communication but I always wanted something different such as telepathy or through  chemicals that my body produced. Little did I know that Lady Beetles are able to do this on their own. Also, they are very active when the weather is warmer and hibernate in the winter. That is something that I though only mammals did, but I was mistaken by these marvelous insects.

Overall, these little insects are a blessing to us all because they impact your daily life. Just like humans, Lady Beetles have a role in the ecosystem but they have a slightly different one. Also, Lady Beetles play a role in the food chain that we are all a part of. The Lady Beetle is a very beneficial insect that impacts the world in such a big way and we don’t even notice.


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