Bug Bites

Absolutely no one likes itching their bug bites. No one even likes having bug bites. When any type of bug bites you I can be pretty sure that you don’t enjoy it, I know I don’t.

My sit spot is a whiles back into the woods. I sit on a log looking out at a swamp covered in algae. Sometimes I hear there quiet humming and buzzing around my head, other times I feel them flying around me and landing on my arms and legs. The worst is when they bite. It doesn’t hurt me but when I notice it, I swat them away in panic. Within the next ten minuets I find my self itching where they were and it doesn’t stop for the next couple days. I hate mosquitoes. Where are they coming from?

While researching my bug bites I found that there are bugs, mosquitoes, that lay there eggs in and around swamps,  like the one by my sit spot, and they thrive off the swampy areas for the rest of there short lived lives. They not only lay their eggs in the water, but they grow in it and survive off it as a source of nutrients.

sit spot If you look to the left you will see cattails in the swampy area. This is where I see mosquitos flying around and looking for their food, or just me. Does it bother me to sit around mosquitos? Yes. But it is also interesting because I have watched them for a few weeks now and they are very intriguing. I get frustrated when they come to feed off my blood and bite me, I continuously swat them away. But the one thing I have learned about these creatures is no matter how often you swat them away they keep coming back. These guys are fighters.

Next time you are sitting outside swatting away at the mosquitos try to remember that they are just fighting for their lives. without blood they cant live. I personally have a new appreciation for these little creatures, no matter how badly the bug bites itch.



4 thoughts on “Bug Bites

  1. I love that you mention that they’re just fighting for their lives too. Let’s just help a brother out.

  2. I like how you describe how they’re intriguing to you. I think the picture would’ve drew in more people if it was wrapped around the text to the side, so that way people would’ve have been able to see it on the teaser.

  3. I like how you reference the mosquitoes as fighters! Because when you think about it, they are! I thought of how much they go through trying to feed off blood. The hits, the smacks, some don’t even come out alive. Yet they continue to come back, and prosper. Very dedicated, I would say!

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