BUZZ!!!! I hate those bees.. no wait I love those bees!!

 By; Caleigh Barnaby

Do you hate bees?  I did until now, once when I was a little girl I sat on my neighbor’s swing set and a bunch of bees stung my legs, feet, and hands. I hated those bees until, one day, I went to my sit spot. I go there every Friday for my science class. When I was at my sit spot on the campus of Washtenaw Community College, a bee flew right past my ear.  I then started getting upset which made me realize how completely irrational I was being because it’s just a bee and without the bees I would not be here and neither would you.

This is why we need bees to survive, WE NEED AIR AND FOOD!!!  Without bees we have no air or food.  Next time you want to kill a bee or yell at one remember, you need them to survive.  I’m not implying bees make air, everybody knows plants (producers) are the ones that perform the process that gives us oxygen, photosynthesis but, the bees keep the plants alive by pollinating.  To add on to that, according to The Green Planet website, “Honey bees, native bees and other pollinators are responsible for 1 out of every 3 bites of food we eat. Bees pollinate 71 of the 100 crops that make up 90% of the world’s food supply. Many fruits and vegetables, including apples, blueberries, strawberries, carrots and broccoli, as well as almonds and coffee, rely on bees. These beneficial insects are critical in maintaining our diverse food supply.”   The key activity bees do that helps us humans, besides making yummy honey, is pollination.  Pollen helps create diversity among the flowers, helps them breed, along with making the plants stronger.

According to the website Biology of Plants pollination works like this,

“Well, it all begins in the flower. Flowering plants have several different parts that are important in pollination. Flowers have male parts called stamens that produce a sticky powder called pollen. Flowers also have a female part called the pistil. The top of the pistil is called the stigma, and is often sticky. Seeds are made at the base of the pistil, in the ovule.To be pollinated, pollen must be moved from a stamen to the stigma. When pollen from a plant’s stamen is transferred to that same plant’s stigma, it is called self-pollination. When pollen from a plant’s stamen is transferred to a different plant’s stigma, it is called cross-pollination. Cross-pollination produces stronger plants. The plants must be of the same species. For example, only pollen from a daisy can pollinate another daisy. Pollen from a rose or an apple tree would not work.”

This has really changed the way I view bees, I don’t get mad now when they fly next to me because I know they are helping me breath and eat!


4 thoughts on “BUZZ!!!! I hate those bees.. no wait I love those bees!!

  1. Caleigh, I like that in your blog post, you made sure to explain the importance of bee’s and the differences between them creating the air we need, and helping to contribute, by pollinating the plants as you say. I also think that incorporating your personal story as to when you were stung by bees, as a little girl was essential, because you wound up changing your mind about them.

  2. My mom has always hated bees. I now must go tell her about this so she can get over her fear of bees! Thanks for the information!

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