Discovering Signs Of New Life

In our environmental science class we had what our class calls a sit spot challenge.  Basically every week we went outside for 30 minutes and observed and took notes on what we saw in a specific area.  After we finished for homework we wrote a reflection paper on what we saw, smelled, touched, and heard.  Here is what happened on our last day of the challenge:

For our last sit spot we were told to go to our spot on the Washtenaw Community College campus and observe without using our eyes.  Before I actually made it to my sit spot one of my peers and I noticed a white wrinkled sack in front of Jacob’s sit spot.  We were not completely sure what it was but we assumed it was a turtle because the area is very close to a turtle filled pond west of campus (shown in my sit spot picture at the bottom).  After further examination in our classroom with Mr.Long we determined that the egg shells were from a snake not a turtle.  Because of there more curved at the top than at the bottom making it more of an oval shape.  below there are some pictures showing the visual differences of the eggs shape. Also the texture of the egg-shell is very rough like sand paper or leather.  where the reptile broke free, the shell was rounded inward as if it had condensed over time and dried.

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This is where the snake eggs were found right at the bottom of the picture in the center. This is east west of Washtenaw Community College’ campus campus sadly the nest is destroyed so there would not be a good picture to put up on this post.

these are an example of turtle eggs, very round almost circular.

This is an example of snake eggs, they are more oval shaped like the actual eggs found at the sit spot.

Once I got to my observation spot I walked over to a nearby plant I had not noticed before and felt the soft feeling plant although all of the other species of plants tend to feel very rough almost like fine grit sand paper. Later I tried to identify it and according to this site it is a Urtica Dioica.  The log I sat during the 30 minutes had been deteriorating over the several weeks and today because it was rain felt like stacks of wet paper.  very soft but not a whole lot of structure to it.  After the 30 minutes was up we headed back to our classroom to report our findings and go the our next classes.

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This is my sit spot view. I am west of campus when here, looking at this man made island in the center of this pond. This is a great spot to view birds with binoculars, because of all the clear sight on all the trees.