Fallen Watcher of the Woods

Scanning across the green surface of the back pond through the gap between the overhanging branches,my train of sight stops at the once top of an old oak tree that now lay in the pond. All of its branches having rotted away a long time ago. All that remains is the decomposing trunk of the once ancient tree that towered above the old woods.


Half submerged in the pond, the great trunk still retains much of its original size, and diameter. However, looking at the diameter, I would guess that the height was once much greater, and perhaps the top part had snapped away. Much of the outer wood can be peeled away in clumps, due to the years of weathering endured by the fallen giant.

Looking around the rest of the woods, I get the idea that the once giant watcher of the woods was in a way over run. The woods around me is dominated mostly by pines, and at first glance, I cannot see another oak anywhere in my area. Though young in comparison to the oak that lay in the pond, the pines around me do not seem to be very young. Along with this, the oak has spent quite some time laying by itself, slowing decomposing. Surrounded by hundreds of pines, I can imagine a completely different scene before me.

A long time before I, or you, ever existed, there was the Oak that stood tall and proud over the woods, and orchards that once sprawled across our schools campus. Through many years of standing strong above all this land, the great Oak sadly succumb to some type of attacker. A storm, the wind, disease possibly, I do not know. Upon the Oaks misfortune, I imagined a struggle. A struggle between this Oak, the land around it, and Pines. When the Oaks fall finally came, the Pines did not wait long to take its place. Spreading their branches, taking in all the open air and sun that they previously were unjustly kept from. As the Pines took the Oaks place, they creaked and mocked the fallen Oak. Their branches swaying in the wind, as they made their jests.

Slowly, the Oak died. Giving everything back, all of its energy, that it once greedily kept from the Pines. The Pines took over the woods where the Oak once stood, and basked in the sun of their long awaited triumph against the giant.

Now the Pines watch over the woods, the pond, and the College campus that students go about their everyday lives, not knowing of the once great struggle that happened many years before them. These pine trees watch over the fallen oak tree that decomposes below the pine trees’ branches.

At Least this is what I imagined as I saw the giant oak tree lying in the pond.


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