The Forest Smells

This is a picture of part of the forest I took while I was at my sit spot.

This is a picture of part of the forest I took while I was at my sit spot.

Have you ever wondered if scent impacts a person? Well, I have and this is what the following blog represents.  It explains how the scent of a forest may be an impact to a persons life.  I will show you if the smell of a forest is important or not.  I also will share personal thoughts regarding this topic.

While I was outside in the forest at my sit spot for my environmental science class, one qualification we had to do is smell something in our sit spot. I decided to smell the forest in general. I had came to the conclusion that the smell was very mild.  I wasn’t sure if this was normal because usually when I go in the forest I smell a very strong scent.  When I think of a forest I think of a clean, clear, slightly bittersweet smell, in no way is it a bad or gross smell.  After a while, I was wondering if the smell of the forest actually impacts a person or anything for that matter. I did some research to answer my question because I was really curious. According to Lindsay Holmes, a writer for Huffington Post, the scent of pine trees can reduce the amount of stress a person may have.  This had partly shocked me because I never knew something so simple can do something so powerful, but it makes sense because nature is extremely healthy in many ways.  While I continued reading the article that explained this fact, I thought about how I felt while I was at my sit spot.  But as I said earlier, I didn’t smell a very strong scent, so I couldn’t really relate to the post.  What I had done was think of the times I was in the forest and when I could smell that forest smell.  I did remember that on the other days I had gone into the woods, I did smell a nice scent that sometimes is actually relaxing.  The smell is very distinct, as I had stated earlier in the blog.  This research was very fun to find out now that I know that scent does have a big impact.


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