The Triangular Spider Web


The fort with the triangular spider web.

May 29 the wind is blowing and it’s sunny. Looking around I see the spider web but it has changed.
It looks like a triangle not the fancy looking web it was the week before. You know the kind of tree top bridges? It kind of looks like that but between two trees of the fort in my sit spot.


What the web looked like before it was blown into the triangular web I saw May 29.

Sitting down on the log at my sit spot I see a the familiar spider web. A spider web made of thin silky threads was made into a triangle bridge in less than a week. The week before the spider was actually making the web. The web was coming from the spiders abdomen and producing the silk. The intricate way the spider moves their legs to make the beautiful polygon just to have it “wreaked” and turned into the “messed” up web.

First the spider makes a line, this thread waits until the breeze puts it onto the other object the web is made of. Then the spider moves down to the bottom of the web and creates a Y making the bottom. Next, the spider makes the edges of the web and when their done with that they start with the spiral. The spiral and the spider starts from the inside of the web. And it only took hours to a day.

How does the web get changed into the triangle from the web that was originally made?

The triangle spider web that inspired my post.

The triangle spider web that inspired my post.

The wind? A person? The thin silky thread is as strong or stronger than steal and at least five times as strong as piano wire. But because the thread is so thin it’s easy to break and to be maneuvered. If it was in a big ball or in thicker layers it would be very hard to break. Like in The Amazing Spiderman Peter is swing from bridge to building by his web. That’s how strong it is.

For the web to become the triangle the wind must have been strong to push the web into the shape of the triangle. Now that it’s the “triangle bridge” it has caught yellow leaves and a small bug. The threads of the old web is combined with the triangular one and it is thicker and if you were an organism that spiders eat it would be a lot harder to get out. It is stronger than the beautiful web it used to be.

The spider web. Not as it was a week ago. It was being made by the spider. And now it is shaped like a mini triangular triangular bridge with yellow leaves and a small bug.


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