The Unknown Achievements of Ants

During science class we had to find a random spot in which to sit for 30 minutes while taking notes about you surroundings. It was at my sit spot that I found a bunch of annoying ants trying to scavenge for food. I didn’t think much of them.  I started to wonder, what have ants actually accomplished in their lives. When I looked it up I was surprised.


Black ants

( These are black ants moving in and out of where they live.

Most of the time when you see ants you think, “Wow, it must stink to be one of those things,” and for the most part you would be right. Ants are their own worst enemies. If you are not in the same colony as another ant you will most likely fight and end up trying to kill the other. This is one of the major downsides of being an ant, but you also can be very special depending on what species of ant you are. If you are a trap jaw ant then you have the title for having the fastest movement in the animal kingdom. This specific trap jaw ant can close its jaws at 140 mph. Even if you are not a trap jaw ant you can still be known for something. If you are the Maricopa harvester ant you are reportedly the most venomous insect. You have a sting that is equivalent to 12 honeybees.

Did you know that for every one human there are approximately one million ants, because I didn’t. Even though ants have to fight a lot and will most likely die, there are so many more ants to take their place. Ants are abundant and have actually achieved more than I thought. Most ant species can live up to 24 hours underwater and some ant species, like the uncomfortable fire ant, can swim. They also can be weird in a way that can also be cool. Ants have two stomachs. One for themselves and another to feed the ants that are too busy to forage for food.





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  1. “it must stink to be one of those things.” I think that on the daily, ants really are amazing creatures.

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