Worm Maze


This picture is a worm at my sitspot.

This picture is a worm at my sitspot.


Do you ever wonder what happens to that old banana peel on the ground, or what takes over human and environment left overs and remains? Well there are many things a worm can do, can you guess one of them?Worms are among the most known decomposers, and are very common. They are everywhere in the ground from backyards to WCC woods, were I was, taking a good look at a worm only half way above the ground. I don’t really like worms. They always had a negative impact on me ever since I was a kid. They would either gross me out, or sometimes scare me if they crawl on my hand.


This is an Earthworm at my sitspot

It turns out that they are more than just scary looking creatures. Earthworms play a key role in decomposing organic matter. Then fungi and Bacteria can feed on it, which releases nutrients to the soil and helps plants.

Worms also help water to drain through the soil by tunneling, which is when worms make tunnels deep into the ground. Tunneling can also help break up hard compressed soil and allow roots to grow better. Some of the worm tunneling can go as far as two meters deep into the ground. The most common worms that do deep tunneling are night crawlers.

Worms are also used by people as bait for fish. They help with activities like fishing which helps with the economy. I know that I have gone fishing and using worms as bait has bought me lots of success.

Speaking of other animals worms also carry on nutrients from other plants and dead animals, and carry it on until it is consumed by another consumer. This helps carry on nutrients and give energy to other species, and that could eventually find its way to us. Now looking back at this I realize there is a lot of important processes that happen with a worm. Some have an indirect effect but in the end it will help.



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  1. What about the interesting fact that the earth worms in Michigan are non-native species, introduced from Europe and Asia? Why are worms good in your garden, but bad in a previously worm-free forest?

    • Well the Earthworms in the garden help breakdown organic matter and bring nutrients to your plants. That helps your garden thrive. As for the forest it can be harmful. Worms can remove the forest floor ( the duff layer) which can affect the growth of plants because the duff layer protects the seeds.

  2. I really liked how your teaser was, it really grasped my attention. I am also glad it isn’t a boring read, so thank you for not making it feel like a dreading article.

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