The Ecology Tower

 All of our poems talk about the Eco column or it has something to do with the Eco column. From the first poem it talks about the middle chamber of the Eco column. The second poem has to do with the point of view of the top chamber of  the Eco column. The third poem talks about all the chamber and its components and how everything goes through the Eco column. The fourth poem poem is about the most important thing in the chamber which is the water, Water in the chamber is important because it keeps everything growing like the plants and so on and without water nothing can grow, and the plants would die.  The last poem is about the Eco column in general. Those are all our poems and they all have to do with either the Eco column, the things in it or the chambers of the Eco column.

The middle of an Eco column

   Silviu Romanel

Staying silent in between my neighbors

With lots of biomass above and under me I get scared

Hearing loud bubbles coming from my downstairs from my aquatic neighbors

I can hear my neighbors making annoying sounds from upstairs

Water dripping from about 2 inches above in my home in a hole in the ceiling

Staying with my family thirsty for water and energy

Waiting to get nutrients to rise and grow

I wait all day to grow in no need of food because I am autotrophic

Finally the day came when we grew

We started off in the soil being little and now were grown

That’s the life of a plant in the eco column

Scientific whim

Ethan Heinig

And I was dubbed


A name not meant for me.

That bright future that I had

Stolen, by a last second thought.

No green to be grown,

No producers, nor consumers.

Alive with death,

I am left to rot.

Only a few scrap-eaters

Keep me in flux,

And what poor company they are.

Oh, the lush future I had,

So bright, full of energy.

If only it was still mine,

And wasn’t taken

By a scientific whim.

Sully Flaherty

Living dead

Biotic abiotic

Aquatic consumer

Terrestrial producer

Decomposition decomposer

Sowbugs worms

Slowly breaking

Down organisms

Once alive  

Mudminnow maggots

Drip drop

Water falling

All chambers

Get enough

Being observed

Cloudy water

Camouflaged fish

Bubbler gives

Minnows oxygen  

Possibly survive

Eco column

Please survive

Essential To Life

Yousif Jacksi

I am one of the most important aspects to every living organism in the world.

I make up 70 percent of the Earth and up to 65 percent of you.

Without me, no living organism could function and they would all die.

I am something so simple, yet so important.

Producers depend on me heavily, as well as every other part of the food chain. Even the decomposers.

Also some abiotic factors need me such as soil.

I am water.

Andrew Gherasim

Eco tower,

Very tall

Three chambers

so amazing!

Decomposition chamber

Terrestrial chamber

Aquatic chamber

Mind blowing

living  organisms

To much

to handle!

Trophic levels

Oxygen tubes

Duckweed plants

Sow bugs

very disgusting 

Small maggots

Dry soil

a lot 

of writing

and work 

Making observations

Dead trees

being outside

that’s what

the eco 

tower contains


4 thoughts on “The Ecology Tower

  1. I love how Andrew and Sully’s are 2 word poems while the rest are free-verse. It kind of shows how a simple concept like pop bottles broken and placed together can make a complex ecosystem!

    • My intention was to make my poem different from the other students in the class by making it from the view point of something that had to do with the eco-cloumn, but not directly in the eco-column. I feel like i achieved my goal by writing about water and how it is such an important part of our eco-systems and our eco-columns.

  2. In my poem I wanted to make it as I ( the middle eco column) have two neighbors one upstairs and one downstairs and I wanted it to give little hints that I am the middle chamber, but not give it away.

  3. In my poem (untitled) I used the two word poem style to describe the animals and what happens in the eco tower. In our eco tower we have two mudminnow that we caught from the pond on campus, we also have sowbug some worms and a few maggots. In the past the minnows have died because they ran out of oxygen, this year we have bubblers to put oxygen into the water so they will survive through the project.

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