The Flow Of Energy


In an ecosystem, energy flows through different levels called trophic levels. Energy begins by giving life to the producer, harnessing the sun to create food while being firmly rooted in the ground. Then it supplies the consumer, able to roam the ground without being tied down by roots, eating other organisms like producers and other consumers for their energy requirements. Some energy may even progress to aid a decomposer in its duty of devouring the remnants of far gone organisms that have already met their deathbed, recycling the molecules as energy leaves the earth system as heat. This collection of poems shows the flow of energy in an ecosystem and how it gives life to so many of the organisms of Earth. We hope you enjoy The Flow Of Energy.

Path of Energy

Sam Stroud

It all begins with the single shaft of

sunlight pouring through the canopy to a small shrub.

An Autotroph.

Absorbing. Producing.

The Heterotrophs eat plants and kin alike


Preying. Stalking. Feeding.

And as the living die, Detritivores willingly recycle the matter.


What next?

The ray of sunlight is transformed into heat

and leaves Earth into the infinite abyss of space.

Thus completing the ever continuous

cycle of a living


An ecosystem. 


Role of an Organism

By Salma Alazem

Once a little seed

There were lots of things I needed to succeed

As the sun shone down on me

I was given a lot of energy


I knew that one day I would be found

Because all heterotrophs need organic compounds

Through photosynthesis I will produce

So other organisms can have energy to reproduce

We are needed in all ecosystems for organisms to thrive

In order to keep everything alive


And now my time has come

I know that I cannot run

I will be picked out from my roots

By a cold hearted brute

It’s time for me to board

I will pass on what has been stored

I will leave but there’s more to come

All thanks to our big, bright sun



By Kincade Vargas

I smell its blood in the dirt

Sometimes I lay in wait, like a leaf in the autumn

Other times I follow my nose, finding my meal

I continue moving down the path it has unwittingly prepared for me

The scent of blood is my motivation

What makes me a predator

It’s death gives me life

My only task

Moving energy through our ecosystem


Chance The Nymph

By:Isaac Giannuzzi

I was once a Dragonfly Nymph in a pond

Transported to a land far beyond.

Compared to now that was like a sea

Where I could roam wild and free.

Now I’m stuck inside this cage

Where I spend all of my days.

Picked up by tweezers

And elevated to the land above.

Decomposers, gnawing at me.

Sow Bugs all around me.

Now I’m free.

Stages of Life

By Luke Huff


Hello there, my child

It’s me, Mother Nature

I’m so proud of you

I’ve watched you play all the roles

So energetically

Atop those stages of life


I was there when you drew

your first breath in your respiration

Starting the act as a producer

Fitting the costume perfectly

But I couldn’t dare to look

When the curtain of consumer shadows

Pulled upon you

On that stage of life


But when I opened my eyes, I saw you

Morphed into a consumer

Running throughout the stagew

I couldn’t believe your skill

From autotroph to heterotroph

Without an intermission

From that stage of life


Then the curtain of shadows

That terrible curtain of shadows

I saw them eat you alive

Before the curtains were pulled

I was impressed with the choreography

However, when the curtains opened

You could not hide from me

In the body suit of a decomposer

I recognized your charm shining

Through that stage of life


I just wanted to meet with you

In the hallways of the world

To say how beautiful you were

On those stages of life


14 thoughts on “The Flow Of Energy

  1. For “Stages of Life”, I decided to take the phrase “stages of life” and turn it into a theatrical metaphor for the trophic levels. When choosing the voice, I decided it would be fitting to tell it through the voice of Mother Nature. The child in this case is Energy, cast to play all 3 leads in the metaphorical “stages”, or levels, of life. A challenge I faced was making the poem both lyrical and scientific, not one more powerful than the other. Also, it was challenging to put line breaks in inconvenient places like most free-verse poems.

    • and yes i know it says running throughout the stagew! i can spoell guod thanl oyu very mucw
      *running throughout the stage

      • Thanks Kincade! There is lots of wordplay and metaphors in my poems. I’m a very wordy person and it was interesting to put that in a scientific context

  2. Throughout all of your poems, you all displayed a great amount of imagery which is really effective for viewers to picture what you’re describing.

  3. My inspiration for this poem (Chance the Nymph) was my groups dragonfly nymph that we named Chance and it died on the first day. I was going for a feel that it was taken from it’s home (the pond by the GM) and then transported to the Eco-column aquatic chamber called a cage in the poem. And when the dragonfly Nymph died we moved it to the decomposition chamber. And then at the end of the poem when it says that I am free I was implying that the dragonfly nymph is fully decomposed and is thinking that it’s part of something bigger.

    • Isaac, I like how lyrical your poem is. It is almost like if Chance the Rapper, himself, became a dragonfly going through the eco-column. Very nice work!

    • I like that this poem has a deeper meaning in that the dragonfly represents Chance the Rapper’s career after he came out with the unproductive noise that was Coloring Book. I also feel like being part of something bigger could be referring to the project he is working on with Childish Gambino.

  4. For “Predator”, I wanted to write about trophic levels from the view of a predator. We can’t really ask any predators what their thought process is, so I wrote what I thought it might be like, as their lives are based upon hunting and killing primary consumers, moving energy through the trophic levels in the process. The entire assignment was my challenge, as I don’t write poems, and had trouble finding places for scientific terminology. The only way I pulled it off was by using free-verse style for the poem.

  5. Luke, I really like how well you use science terminology in your poem. I also like how you have the perspective of mother nature, kinda what she would think of what happens at the trophic levels.

  6. In my poem “Role of an Organism”, I wanted to show the importance of producers in an ecosystem, specifically their relationship with consumers, while still creating sympathy to show the sacrifices the producer has to make. To do that, I decided to write my poem in the perspective of a producer. It represented the journey producers must go through to provide energy flow in an ecosystem. Although I did like adding the rhyme to my poem, it was difficult making the poem rhyme with mainly scientific language.

  7. Luke, I liked how you took your reader through the different stages of an organism’s life using the voice and point of view of Mother Nature. Very creative!

  8. For my poem, Path of Energy, I wanted to focus on the path that energy takes as it goes through an ecosystem on Earth. Most of my group made poems about on just one trophic level or specific organism, while I wanted to take a step back and write about all the trophic levels and how energy moves through said levels. While learning ecology in class, I was interested in the movement of energy and the trophic levels, which is what prompted me to write my poem. Challenges I faced while writing this was how to word the line “The ray of sunlight is transformed into heat and leaves Earth into the infinite abyss of space.” I felt this was difficult to word because I couldn’t find a good way to describe the transformation from energy to heat, and i still don’t like it much (but it works).

  9. I like how Sam describes how the energy moves through different organisms and how energy is traveling.

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