Plastic Eco Towers

In Mr. Long’s field science class we have a done a lot of projects, one of them was making an eco tower out of old two liter bottles we brought from home. The eco towers took us about an hour to assemble, and after that we went deep into the Washtenaw Community College Hardwoods, by the ponds, to collect organisms to inhabit our eco tower.


This is the model ecosystem, Eco Tower, that we built on class



In total the class built five eco towers, we had five groups of students, most groups had five members. When we went out to the Hardwoods we had to bring containers, D nets, and collection trays. The containers and collection trays are pretty self explanatory, but D nets are a specific type of net shaped like a capitalized D. The reason D nets are shaped the way they are is so that you can drag the flat side along the bottom of a pond or swamp and easily collect anything on the bottom. These nets were also used for catching minnows, which we kept in the aquatic chamber of the eco towers.

The  way that we set up the eco towers had three chambers, The aquatic chamber, the terrestrial chamber, and the decomposition chamber. Each chamber has a specific role to help keep the eco tower alive. The terrestrial chamber is the chamber that we keep the plants in, and this chamber helps provide oxygen to the tower. The decomposition chamber produces Carbon Dioxide which plants need to survive. Aquatic chamber’s role is simply to keep the aquatic organisms alive. In the original design of the eco tower, the terrestrial chamber is put on top, above the decomposition chamber, and the aquatic chamber on the bottom, but because we know that Carbon Dioxide  is heavier than air, we changed up the design a bit. We changed it by switching the location of the decomposition and terrestrial chamber, in between each bottle is a bottle cap with a coffee filter to filter the water we put in the top. The decomposition chamber has a straw through the bottle cap for the Carbon Dioxide to go through to get to the terrestrial chamber.