In Search For Worms

Worms, they are everywhere. They are gross to some people, while other like them. Me? I’m not a hug fan of them.They live in the ground, and they’re so dirty. They’re small little animals that you can squash with ease. They take their time coming out of the ground, but we made them come out faster. They were jumping right out when we went to do our experiment, and we made them jump by using the mustard method.


Our sampling area where we did our experiment at, which was in the hardwoods of campus.

“Are you ready to go outside?” That was the question we got asked when it was time for our teacher to let us go out by ourselves to go do our research and go in search for worms. The first day of freedom was weird. We thought to ourselves is this real? Did the teacher really let us go out alone? The first thing we did when we got out of class was to go do our experiment is we went to the Pinewoods to do our first three trials there. I didn’t know what to expect. I thought in my head “I hope there aren’t any snakes”, “How will we see the worms?”, “Are there lots of worms there?”.

The first experiment we did was great, we got a few worms but I already knew what to expect by the time we finished our first experiment. The worms will come out of the ground,  but it would take them awhile to and they would come out slowly, and you had to catch them really quickly so they won’t go back into their hole in the ground. To get the worms out of the ground and see how many there are we used the mustard method. The mustard method is water mixed with mustard powder, and when it gets on the worms it irritates them, and they come out of the ground really quick so they can get it off of them, and by doing this we can see how many worms there are in the square meter. The first day was interesting and quite fun to me and my group. We had lots of bonding time because while my group and I looked for worms, we talked which turned out to be fun. Then the days that followed by after it was basically the same thing, nothing new. Except for two of those days were interesting. On one of the days we heard that a group found a snake at the same location where we were just a little further away, and me being scared of snakes it was really shocking to me, and I was kinda thankful that we got out quick because if I saw the snake I would of been really scared.

The other days we went to do out experiment, and that day it was suppose to rain so we finished all of our experiments quickly, and we didn’t get wet, but the other groups weren’t as lucky as we were because when they came in the classroom more than half of the students were soaking wet. Overall the experiment was a excellent thing we did this year. It was very fun and we got to explore campus, and do the experiment to find out which place had more worms. The experiment helped us determine which place had the most worms, and based on our results the hardwoods had more worms because it had better soil, and its environment was better for worms. Overall, we found the answer to our experiments which was that we found more worms in the Hardwoods than the Pinewoods.