Worms of the Hardwoods and Pinewoods

On the Washtenaw Community College campus there are more worms than you think. There are many different types of worms living under the soil that you walk on everyday.


When you think of earthworms you think that there is one type of earthworm that is lying around in the great lakes region.


One of the anecic worms we found during the experiment.

But actually we had to test what types of worms are in which areas of the WCC campus. In the Pinewoods we found a lot of surface dwellers probably due to the fact that because it’s the Pinewoods the trees are dropping pine needles on the surface and there are a lot more. But the fact that there are less surface dwellers in the Hardwoods is because there is a variety of trees found there not just pine trees which drop needles year round. The pie charts will display that in the Pinewoods there are more surface dwellers than in the hardwoods. But in the Hardwoods there is more of a variety all around. Yellow will show the surface dwellers (epigeic) red will show night crawlers (anecic) blue will show soil dwellers (endogeic). How can you identify worms for yourself? A lot of them have to do with the size or the pigmentation of their skin. Such as endogeic worms have a darker skin pigmentation than the epigeic worms and the anecic also have a┬ádarker skin pigmentation.image(2).png