The Thing About Worms…


 A few worms found on the WCC campus.

What do most people think of when it comes to worms? Typically, there’s nothing but good things to say about worms. The main thing is that they’re great for fertilizing the soil to produce better crops. Other than that, they’re basically harmless. At least that’s what I thought at first. Upon further research, I’ve learned that worms are not as harmless as they are said to be.

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Ecosystems Change

The collaboration of poems that my group and I put together focused on disturbances in an ecosystem. A disturbance is a change in an ecosystem caused by a specific event. These changes can affect a whole ecosystem or just a slight part of that particular place. Part of our inspiration for these poems was the time our class spent outside in the woods looking at and noting signs of a disturbance. All three of our poems utilize the free-verse writing format. The poems presented below vary from talking about all the factors of a disturbance, using signs of a disturbance to find out what occurred in this area, and finally the process of rebuilding of an ecosystem.

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