Oh, those wonderful worms! Or are they?

Usually, when one thinks of worms, they may think of squirmy slimy  invertebrates best kept away from them, and in the ground, where they are helpful and good. It’s easy to see where that last idea comes from. I mean, they help to cycle the nutrients though the soil; decompose organic matter, leaving incredibly nutrient-filled droppings; and make it easier for air and water to penetrate the soil. So of course worms are good, right? Continue reading


The Ecology Tower

 All of our poems talk about the Eco column or it has something to do with the Eco column. From the first poem it talks about the middle chamber of the Eco column. The second poem has to do with the point of view of the top chamber of  the Eco column. The third poem talks about all the chamber and its components and how everything goes through the Eco column. The fourth poem poem is about the most important thing in the chamber which is the water, Water in the chamber is important because it keeps everything growing like the plants and so on and without water nothing can grow, and the plants would die.  The last poem is about the Eco column in general. Those are all our poems and they all have to do with either the Eco column, the things in it or the chambers of the Eco column.

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