A Tour Of the Microverse

Pepsi bottles. You look at a pile of Pepsi bottles and probably never think about them sustaining life. The only thing they could possibly be good for is holding drinks, and after that they’re not good for anything. According to Ban the Bottle, Americans waste 38 million soda bottles a year. But what happens if we break apart the bottle, but don’t throw it away? One of the big projects our Science Blogging class was presented with was “The Ecocolumn Project”. We separated soda bottles and arranged them into a column with a magical power, the power to support a small scale ecosystem. Today, we will visit the three chambers in the ecocolumn: the aquatic chamber, the terrestrial chamber, and the decomposer chamber.IMG_4862[1] Continue reading


The Flow Of Energy


In an ecosystem, energy flows through different levels called trophic levels. Energy begins by giving life to the producer, harnessing the sun to create food while being firmly rooted in the ground. Then it supplies the consumer, able to roam the ground without being tied down by roots, eating other organisms like producers and other consumers for their energy requirements. Some energy may even progress to aid a decomposer in its duty of devouring the remnants of far gone organisms that have already met their deathbed, recycling the molecules as energy leaves the earth system as heat. This collection of poems shows the flow of energy in an ecosystem and how it gives life to so many of the organisms of Earth. We hope you enjoy The Flow Of Energy. Continue reading