WCC’s Types of Worms

Earthworms have invaded the great lakes region and had large effects on the areas ecosystems. It may be too late to completely remove them but we can still study where and what kinds are present to better understand the effects they have.


One of the largest night crawlers we found on campus 


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Eco-Columns: An Unfortunate Change of Habitat

This set of poetry encompasses five different poems inspired by the events within our class’s eco-columns. These poems narrate the changes many of the individual organisms underwent, before and during their capture and imprisonment. Some of the poems also provide insight of how it must feel to be in these organisms’ place. The overall themes balance between that of loss and fear of an inevitable end, while others describe the aspect of a changed environment. The observance of these creatures (and the tower as a whole) had provided an interesting topic to write about among our class, especially to those of this group who focused on one feature of the tower. In the end, even though none of the organisms in our eco-columns actually died (save for Francois the tadpole 6/3/16), a lingering question remains of how much their separate lives have changed, and where they’ll head off to next. Continue reading