Dandelions or Jasmine- What Could This Plant Have Been?

This is a picture of similar jasmine flowers to the ones that I saw on the WCC campus. (Source: HerbalFire.com)

This is a picture of similar jasmine flowers to the ones that I saw on the WCC campus.
(Source: HerbalFire.com)

Ah that sweet smell of flowers is so nice. You never know what kind of flower it is though, or what it looks like, or anything about it, except for that it smells nice. Each time I had gone to this nice, quiet spot, I had always smelled a sweet flower smell and wondered what it was. I didn’t know what it was at first, but then I had a clue as to what it was. The results are actually shocking. Continue reading


Forgotten Chambers

Earth is more than what people think it is. When we first think of Earth, we think about water and trees. But, we forget so many important components such as Duckweed on a pond, flowers in a field, or the fruits of a tree. Earth is filled with many systems and some of the most important ones are the various ecosystems. We focused on one  by creating a small model that we kept for about three weeks and recorded the changes within it. The model consisted of three chambers: Terrestrial, Decomposition, and Aquatic. These poems that are below are the chambers and some of what is inside them speaking out of their feeling of being forgotten. Continue reading

Keep Quiet and Observe

Eaten Pine Cone

This is a pine cone which has been eaten by a squirrel. This a sign that a squirrel lives in the area.

Whether you are searching for invasive garlic mustard or looking out for squirrels, or participating in any other citizen science project the ability to stick to your task and stay focused is important. For those of you who are unfamiliar with citizen science projects, citizen science is an opportunity for anyone from amateur to professionals to participate in various  science projects. These projects include finding plants and animals, venturing into the forest, or just staying in your backyard. Dodging poison ivy, and odd mushrooms. Along with the skill of staying quiet and keeping your volume at a minimum. All these are skill which are important to finding plants and wildlife in the forest. These are skills that I didn’t learn until I came back from the forest not being able to complete my task. Continue reading