Mission Accomplished

Eastern fox squirrel found on University of Michigan campus.

Eastern fox squirrel found on University of Michigan campus.

At last, I have spotted some squirrels! The first time that I went around looking for them, they kept on playing hide and seek, only coming out every once in a while. Finally, after time and patience, I have found them. It was a struggle, but it was definitely worth it. Continue reading


Extending the Search


Tree where I saw the red squirrel on June 16.

Tree in the “bowl,” where I saw the red squirrel, in the tree, on June 16.

In my second post as a contributor to this blog, Science On Campus, I talked about squirrels on WCC’s campus, and how their appearance depends on the time of day. I will now like to extend my observations from school grounds to my local area as a whole.

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Appearing without notice

The ‘Bowl”. This is a part of campus in which I saw a squirrel. However I couldn’t take a picture of the squirrel.

Assuming that squirrels were always around I stumbled upon a problem which seemed kind of foolish as I was nearing the end of my citizen science project. The objective of my project was to find, identify and report squirrels in your area, which in my case was all of Washtenaw Community College campus. Many of us have seen squirrels randomly, but have we ever really paid attention to where and when we see these furry critters?


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The Final Hunt


Matthew’s awesome picture of the Hardwood forest on the Washtenaw Community College campus.

Squirrels! Where can you possibly be at? I always see them around in the summer. Running, climbing, jumping, and never sitting still! Now, when I actually need to find them for my Citizen Science Project, they aren’t anywhere to be found! For the past two weeks, my group and I have been scouring the campus for these squirrels and we haven’t seen any but one. Some of our days we spent in the computer lab, working on blog posts and trying to figure out good ways to spot these little critters. This still didn’t bring us any luck with finding the squirrels. Continue reading

The Lonely Fox Squirrel

The single fox squirrel our Project Squirrel research group found in the Bowl on WCC campus.

The single fox squirrel our Project Squirrel research group found in the Bowl on WCC campus.

According to Scientific American on their citizen science webpage, they give a description of Project Squirrel. Under the description of the project, it mentions that fox squirrels and grey squirrels are two of the most familiar species of wildlife in many neighborhoods and natural areas. I agree with this, I see these types of squirrels the most often as well. Although we have not found any squirrels lounging or running around campus during the times we go out and search, I have seen one; once, outside in the Bowl between 1:10pm-1:30pm on a sunny, warm day. Continue reading

Squirrel Hunt Returns

photo 2

A Fox Squirrel I found on campus eating a nut in a tree.

 In my previous post, which can be found here, I talked about my observations and my thoughts as to why there weren’t any Squirrels when I was searching. In this post I will explain why there weren’t many Squirrels and why that is. The goal of Project Squirrel is to document where Squirrels are, what they eat, and what kinds of Squirrels are in different areas around the United States. Project Squirrel can be found here.

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Squirrels Again?

20140626_085118 2

A Fox Squirrel that I found in my neighborhood

In my previous post, I talked about my experience and observations when my group and I, in my environmental science class, went searching for squirrels. The squirrel search wasn’t very successful because we didn’t find any squirrels on WCC Campus.  No findings of a single squirrel led us to conclude that the time of day we went searching wasn’t appropriate. Now I am a one-man team and I will be searching on my own. This time I’m not searching through WCC Campus, I’m taking this search to my neighborhood. Different times of day: in the evening and in the morning, and a completely different strategy. I will be riding my bike through my neighborhood while searching for squirrels.

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