The Invasive Pest from Australia

So my poem isn’t quite like the other poems you are reading. It isn’t part of a collection. It’s the lone poem. For this poem I wanted to talk about an invasive species but one that nobody really heard of. According to The University of Florida, Department of Entomology and Nematology, this pest damages and feeds on many plants including, but not limited to,”citrus, avocado, carambola, fig, guava, mango, soursop, and sugarcane; vegetable crops including asparagus, beans, beets, cabbage, peanuts, pigeon pea, cucumber, lettuce, pepper, pumpkin, and tomato; forest trees, and many species of ornamental plants including Allamanda, Angelica, Anthurium, Bougainvillea, Croton, ginger lily, Heliconia, Ixora, hibiscus, palm, and oleander” and many more. Want to know what this nightmare is? Read more.

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The Ecology Tower

 All of our poems talk about the Eco column or it has something to do with the Eco column. From the first poem it talks about the middle chamber of the Eco column. The second poem has to do with the point of view of the top chamber of  the Eco column. The third poem talks about all the chamber and its components and how everything goes through the Eco column. The fourth poem poem is about the most important thing in the chamber which is the water, Water in the chamber is important because it keeps everything growing like the plants and so on and without water nothing can grow, and the plants would die.  The last poem is about the Eco column in general. Those are all our poems and they all have to do with either the Eco column, the things in it or the chambers of the Eco column.

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The Flow Of Energy


In an ecosystem, energy flows through different levels called trophic levels. Energy begins by giving life to the producer, harnessing the sun to create food while being firmly rooted in the ground. Then it supplies the consumer, able to roam the ground without being tied down by roots, eating other organisms like producers and other consumers for their energy requirements. Some energy may even progress to aid a decomposer in its duty of devouring the remnants of far gone organisms that have already met their deathbed, recycling the molecules as energy leaves the earth system as heat. This collection of poems shows the flow of energy in an ecosystem and how it gives life to so many of the organisms of Earth. We hope you enjoy The Flow Of Energy. Continue reading

Eco-Columns: An Unfortunate Change of Habitat

This set of poetry encompasses five different poems inspired by the events within our class’s eco-columns. These poems narrate the changes many of the individual organisms underwent, before and during their capture and imprisonment. Some of the poems also provide insight of how it must feel to be in these organisms’ place. The overall themes balance between that of loss and fear of an inevitable end, while others describe the aspect of a changed environment. The observance of these creatures (and the tower as a whole) had provided an interesting topic to write about among our class, especially to those of this group who focused on one feature of the tower. In the end, even though none of the organisms in our eco-columns actually died (save for Francois the tadpole 6/3/16), a lingering question remains of how much their separate lives have changed, and where they’ll head off to next. Continue reading

Ecosystems Change

The collaboration of poems that my group and I put together focused on disturbances in an ecosystem. A disturbance is a change in an ecosystem caused by a specific event. These changes can affect a whole ecosystem or just a slight part of that particular place. Part of our inspiration for these poems was the time our class spent outside in the woods looking at and noting signs of a disturbance. All three of our poems utilize the free-verse writing format. The poems presented below vary from talking about all the factors of a disturbance, using signs of a disturbance to find out what occurred in this area, and finally the process of rebuilding of an ecosystem.

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Life of the Eco-tower

This small collection of poems reflected upon many different things from homes, to being bounded, and even to the point of being sorry for the life that is no longer there. Through these poems we have expressed our feelings towards the ecosystem that our eco-towers presented us with. Whether is was as a home for a small portion of an ecosystem, or it felt like the organism were trapped, or even how sad they were when everything was dead. Everyone has their own experimental display, along with their own results of their experiment. Each and individual results were influenced by quantity of resource, whether it’s shortage of food for the organisms cutting off some of their food web components, or the actions of the experimenters, in which placed environmental disturbances into their ecosystem changing the process.Two of these pieces are from voices inside one of these towers, and two others are of onlookers of the towers. Brought together, you have Life of the Eco-tower.


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