Inside the Ecosystem

As J Cole says, “There’s beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success” the Eco-towers came a long way from where they began. It was a struggle to hold on and stay strong to survive in a place that wasn’t home. It was a knock off, an artificial creation that tried to play the role of an ecosystem. But it just didn’t have all the necessary factors to help the organisms survive. The Eco-tower as a whole was a failure. Continue reading


Forgotten Chambers

Earth is more than what people think it is. When we first think of Earth, we think about water and trees. But, we forget so many important components such as Duckweed on a pond, flowers in a field, or the fruits of a tree. Earth is filled with many systems and some of the most important ones are the various ecosystems. We focused on one  by creating a small model that we kept for about three weeks and recorded the changes within it. The model consisted of three chambers: Terrestrial, Decomposition, and Aquatic. These poems that are below are the chambers and some of what is inside them speaking out of their feeling of being forgotten. Continue reading