Bug Bites

Absolutely no one likes itching their bug bites. No one even likes having bug bites. When any type of bug bites you I can be pretty sure that you don’t enjoy it, I know I don’t.

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Life of the Eco-tower

This small collection of poems reflected upon many different things from homes, to being bounded, and even to the point of being sorry for the life that is no longer there. Through these poems we have expressed our feelings towards the ecosystem that our eco-towers presented us with. Whether is was as a home for a small portion of an ecosystem, or it felt like the organism were trapped, or even how sad they were when everything was dead. Everyone has their own experimental display, along with their own results of their experiment. Each and individual results were influenced by quantity of resource, whether it’s shortage of food for the organisms cutting off some of their food web components, or the actions of the experimenters, in which placed environmental disturbances into their ecosystem changing the process.Two of these pieces are from voices inside one of these towers, and two others are of onlookers of the towers. Brought together, you have Life of the Eco-tower.


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At the beginning of the semester in our science class, we constructed Ecosystem Towers. As they aged, some began to thrive and others began to fail. Ours failed, and all the organisms it was trying to support died with it.

These poems show the struggle it faced. Some poems were more hopeful than the other poems, with a thank you letter for its efforts, and an apology for the feeling of responsibility for the struggle.

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Your World Cloaked in Fog

Since my last post, my group members and I have been working apart and focusing in on certain aspects of our projects. Personally I’ve been focusing on the GLOBE at Night project dealing with light pollution. The concept that captured my mind the most was looking at how light pollution affects a few places around the planet. I found some interesting things like: how Hong Kong is the worst place on the planet to go star gazing; in some places the pollution is so bad that it’s causing car accidents and long-term health issues; it could even go as far as harassing the mating season for some creatures; and in a little known desert peninsula you can see the Milky Way, itself, paint the sky in all new living color.

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Squirrels and a Poem

In recent weeks I have been focused on a citizen science project, Project Squirrel. For this project me and two friends searched the Washtenaw Community College Campus for squirrels. If we to find squirrels we were supposed to take pictures of them and post them to the Project Squirrel website. I can’t reveal the results of our project you’ll just have to read my poem to find out how the project went. Continue reading

Our Galaxy’s Collision That We May Not See

This is a painting I drew of the Andromeda galaxy and Milky Way galaxy about to collide.

This is a painting I drew of the Andromeda galaxy and Milky Way galaxy about to collide.

It is told that in four billion years our galaxy, the Milky Way, is destined to collide with the Andromeda galaxy. Astronomers can see this happening and has calculated it based on what has been seen. Yet astronomers might have an easier time observing this astronomical event if light pollution wasn’t as big of a problem. Continue reading